When does the new 21.20 update come out and what can we expect from it?

Be very happy with the current Season 3 of Fortnite It has a collateral effect on my anxiety levels that I did not expect: this summer I will not have as much time to play battle royale and it coincides with a season that is blowing my mind in terms of the content it is receiving. And, precisely, in this same article I am going to focus on that very thing; specifically, in which you could receive with your new update 21.20. Next, I leave you with all the details:

Possible date of the update 21.20 of Fortnite

  • Patch 21.20 of Fortnite It is already on the game servers
  • This implies that the next step is to include it in the game officially.
  • According to the times that Epic Games follows, it is most likely that This patch arrives in Fortnite on July 5as the leaker commented Max on Twitter

What possible news would come with this new Fortnite patch?

  • A new location to the map that will replace the Indiana Jones temple with something else
  • The Indiana Jones Pass skin can be unlocked
  • The reality tree will grow a little more in the face of a possible final event of the Season
  • New skins and cosmetics will be added to the store in the coming days
  • It is expected that some other object or mechanics still unknown will be added

What are your expectations for the new update 21.20? I read you in the comments.

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