Video: Checo Pérez’s father’s celebration with Tom Cruise at the British GP

Checo Pérez was in 2nd place on the podium and his father starred in an emotional celebration with the actor and Lewis Hamilton’s father (Video: Twitter/@FOXSportsMX)

The Mexican pilot Sergio Czech Perezonce again demonstrated his skills at the wheel after rising fifteen places in the British Grand Prix the afternoon of Sunday, July 3. He managed to finish in second place podium and thus recover the winning streak that he had before the incident at the Canadian GP.

His feat was applauded by all the Formula 1 fans, but the one who experienced the achievement with more enthusiasm was Antonio Perez Garibay, dad of Czech Perez. The Mexican deputy saw how his son climbed from last place in the race to second place; therefore, he starred in an effusive celebration with the actor Tom Cruise and the Lewis Hamilton’s dadAnthony Hamilton.

As part of the stellar guests at the Grand Prix at Silverstone, the American actor celebrated his 60th birthday in Great Britain and witnessed the entire race. When it was time for the award ceremony, he approached the place where the father of Czech to witness the pilots’ celebration.

At the moment when Czech Perez got on the podium, his dad applauded his son’s feat and started talking to Anthony Hamilton. At the moment in which the anthem of Spain sounded, for the first place of Carlos Sainz Jr., Antonio Pérez hugged Hamilton’s father and both merged in an emotional gesture of brotherhood for the achievement of their children.

That scene moved Tom Cruiseso patted dad on the back Czech as a show of support and congratulations for the achievement they witnessed at the British GP, since Antonio Pérez was so emotional that he even gave the father of the Mercedes driver a kiss.

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