Tom Cruise, the most sought-after bachelor in Hollywood after breaking up with his love

Coinciding with the world premiere of Top Gun: Maverick, Tom Cruise has broken up with his last girlfriend, Hailey Atwell. The gallant does not look as old as birthday this July 3: sixty years. As if he had made a diabolical pact, which is said topically in these cases. And now it’s “Hollywood’s hottest bachelor”with a sentimental biography that began at a very young age.

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV came into the world in Syracuse, New York, on July 3, 1962, in the home of an electronic engineer and a teacher; marriage that lasted a short time, being the future actor still very young. As a result of that disunity, he remembered his childhood and adolescence in the midst of poverty. When his parent still lived at home, he would beat up three by two. In that sordid environment, Tom had religious outbursts that soon led him to a Franciscan convent. He thought better of it and wanted to be an actor, for which, having left Canada, he settled in the United States and in New York he had to start earning a living as a waiter.

His film debut occurred at the beginning of the 80’s and in the following decade he was already considered one of the leading men in vogue. From his filmography, we rescue these titles: The last Samurai, Mission Impossible, Top Gun, The Color of Money, Ray Man, Magnolia, Interview with the Vampire, Jerry Maguire, Walkiria… It was nominated for an Oscar in three editions, but has never obtained the golden statuettealthough he did manage three Golden Globes.

Very amorous, Tom Cruise was already flirting in the early 80s with Melissa Gilbert, who can be considered as his first relevant love, because he would not lack others. Then another actress came to her heart, Heather Lockelearof Melrose Placeand then Rebecca deMornayhis partner in Risky Business. She lived with it between 1983 and 1985, which she replaced with cher. He met the actress and singer, who was a few years older than him, at the White House, during a meeting of dyslexics.

Immediately their eyes met and she took him to her apartment, where for a year they lived a passionate relationship, which ended in 1986, when he crossed paths with another veteran actress, mimi rogers. This was also a little older for a still young Tom Cruise, but neither of them cared about that difference in the calendar. This Mimi was the one who introduced her partner to the sect of Scientology. They were married in 1987 and separated three years later, when he, shooting days of thunderwas completely dazzled by his partner, the Australian Nicole Kidman.


The new Hollywood couple was a sensation in the pink magazines. Nicole’s height was striking, which, next to Tom, was a few striking centimeters taller than him. That physical difference was not an obstacle either so that in the filming of days of thunderwhen the breaks arrived, they entered one of their two caravansa give the lot. Such was the passion that aroused between them that they set her wedding in 1990, in a discreet ceremony held on Christmas Eve.

For eleven years they looked like the model marriage. They traveled around the world presenting the films they were shooting. They adopted two children, Isabella, in 1992, and Connor, three years later.. Until “their love broke from using it so much”, taking part of Manuel Alejandro’s chorus for Rocío Jurado. It seems that the first differences arose between the two shooting the highly publicized film Eyes Wide Shut. What happened to them being almost the perfect couple? Neither of them told it, but it is known that Tom Cruise was always “hitting the nuts” with his reading on Scientology, which Nicole Kidman already found unbearable. And that’s where the shots came for them to say “goodbye, very good”. Elegant, sensitive, somewhat sophisticated too, her failure left her depressed, to the point that in the months following her divorce she stated that she was still in love with Tom. But this one, somewhat less, looked for a new partner.

And who would be his new partner was our compatriot Penelope Cruz, starting in 2001 and over three years. They were seen to be very happy when they were in Madrid, reminding journalists how they fell in love while filming vanilla sky. Very nice and simple, Tom met Pé’s family from Madrid. And in the capital of Spain, Calle del Prado, near the Ateneo, Tom would inaugurate the headquarters of his sect, Scientology. The Tom and Penelope thing Some North American chroniclers said that “it smelled like assembly”. What we have no doubt about is that there was intimacy.


They remained close friends when each one went his own way, she with Javier Bardem and he with his partner Mission Impossible Katie Holmeswho was sixteen years younger than him. While in Paris, they climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower and Tom proposed to Katie. The wedding took place in a castle in Italy by the rite of Scientology. At first, everything went well for them: they were parents of a girl, Suri, Tom’s only biological daughter. But the young actress finished up the hat of the rolls that her husband foisted on her day and night about Scientology. And she fed up, she got the idea to call Tom’s “ex”, Nicole Kidman. They agreed that he was great, romantic, a good actor, but a real pain in the ass with his sect. And Nicole supported Katie Holmes when she did not hesitate to separate in 2012 and get a divorce soon.


Tom Cruise fitted that new sentimental disaster in the best way. They say that interviewed by the very popular in the United States Oprah Winfrey he felt the desire to bed her, which could not be proven. You win, in any case of the gallant, we know that he had. And also friction with other actresses of new generations: Cameron Diaz, Vanessa Kirby, Laura Prepon… Tom has always been a born seducer with that good little face he shows off in public. And it’s not that it’s such a secret. Already People included him in 1990 on one of his covers declaring him “the sexiest of actors”.

His dedication to scientology it’s constant. He has always said that he owes him his mental well-being and that, furthermore, his practice supposed to cure him of the dyslexia that dragged: difficulty reading and writing. His cinematographic activity continues intense. Do not forget that he also works as a producer and director on occasion. He has had setbacks with the great “majors”, as they call the multinationals on the screen in the USA, but his business has almost always been propitious. Forbes awarded him a wealth close to six hundred million dollarswhich makes him one of the highest paid actors.

Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay

Thirty-six years after the premiere of top gunthis sequel has been released and has been titled Top Gun: Maverick. With the mess of the pandemic, it has been exhibited in Spain from the month of May, when the filming had concluded a long time ago. In this regard, the actor’s views about this film are known: “I know my age is joked as if it were eternal youthmore if I were eighty years old right now, with wrinkled skin, I would have the same desire to continue being a Maverick and live to the fullest”. This character, hero of the air, Pete “Maverick” Mitchellis because of his seniority an instructor for young pilots, as he was in the first film, top gun.

In the cast, there have been big changes: who was his fictional girlfriend and flight instructor, Charlie Blackwood in the script, played by Kelly McGilliswhich became a sex symbolswas not called for this sequel: she was too “fat and old,” producers said. She was replaced by Jennifer Connelly. Neither does Meg Ryan, who had a hit then. Time passes, but it seems that not to the same beat as Tom Cruise, idol of the air again, single until sooner rather than later he falls into the first love net thrown at him.

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