Tom Cruise, the action scenes that almost cost him his life

No doubt, Tom Cruise is the definitive action man of our era.

Whether you agree with his work or not, throughout his career the American actor has earned the distinction of being a guy truly committed to his work, even if that means doing the craziest stunts in front of the camera. record in the history of cinema.

Whether you see him fly a plane in top gunhave a frantic chase in Mission Impossible or “play” with swords in The Last Samurai, Tom Cruise is the definitive Hollywood action-man.

With that in mind, and considering that the actor turns 60 today, what better way to pay tribute than by reviewing the most dangerous (and very cool) action scenes of his vast career.

The LastSamurai (2004)

japanese actor Hiroyuki Sanada revealed that he was inches away from cut off tom cruise’s head while they rolled The Last Samurai.

At the media tour for the film, Sanada said that while they were filming a scene in which he was brandishing a real sword while Cruise was riding a mechanical horse, the prop failed and the actor did not fall as intended.

“Tom Cruise’s neck was right in front of me and I tried to stop swinging my swordbut it was difficult to control with one hand,” Sanada said at the time.

Sanada said that when he finally stopped the sword, the blade was only half an inch from Cruise’s neck.

“The film crew watching from the side screamed because they thought Tom’s head would fly off,” Sanada said, making a chopping motion at his neck. Fortunately, everything was in a scare.


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Collateral (2004)

rolling CollateralJamie Foxx admitted to thinking that he had killed Tom Cruise at the crash scene.

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