Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, where was that love?


Today, Tom Cruise turns 60 and it is inevitable to remember all the romantic relationships he has had throughout his life, especially the love story with Nicole Kidman. They were one of the most important couples internationally. One of those loves that are never forgotten, especially for the followers of both. Still, to this day, it remains unknown what happened between the two since we remember that after announcing their separation, the two children they adopted chose to stay with the actor.


Their eyes met on the set of ‘Thunder days’ and on December 24, 1990, the ‘Yes I want’ in a chapel in Telluride, Colorado. Their love crossed the screen and during the months in which they were together, they walked all the red carpets, wasting style and demonstrating in front of all the cameras the great love that existed between them.

It has always been publicly stated that the reason why their love story had an end was because their professional careers ended up separating what had long ago been sealed forever. And it is that two years before making their separation public, they shot ‘Eyes Wide Shut’a film in which they realized that they had to end their relationship.


For a long time it was said in the media that this marriage was a simple facade to hide the alleged homosexuality of Tom Cruise. Some statements that were denounced by the couple in court since they also made sure that they did it in order to relaunch the actress’s career.

Years after separation Nicole Kidman assured in a television interview that their separation had been a terrible shock and confessed to having lived in a bubble with Tom for all the affirmations that were poured into the media. So much so that the actress needed a long time to recover from that love failure.

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