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Sylvester Stallone, one of the most acclaimed actors in action movies. He is passionate about art and one of the best physicists on the big screen, as he is always preparing for a new movie to look as strong and tough as possible through training and nutrition.

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Stallone has five decades in the cinema. His fame dates back to his early success with Rocky in 1976 and he is currently running the Rocky IV reboot after confessing that he almost died after his fight with Dolph Lundgren, according to Men’s Health.

Sly announced that he is retiring from the sequel to the Creed franchise, as well as saying goodbye to the Mercenaries saga. The well-known story of the underdog boxer he wrote and starred in needs no introduction, and his career speaks for itself.

The secret of eternal health according to Sylvester Stallone

Sly explained on Instagram how to maintain eternal health and how to live forever for “eight dollars a day.”

“Welcome to lunchtime. People tell me hey Sly, what do you do to stay in shape, what do you eat, how do you manage to spend all these years here. It’s a very simple, diverse diet that covers all the bases and activates your muscles, like pancakes, ice cream, more ice cream and water.”

Now 75, Stallone frequently speaks on Instagram about the “crossroads moments” in his life and artistic career where he has felt like he was facing insurmountable obstacles, from one of his first auditions.

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Sly learned a valuable lesson in how to bounce back from rejection, scaring director Woody Allen, to later challenges, like getting the Rocky Balboa sequel made despite widespread doubts that anyone would want to see a new installment after 16 years.

In another post, “The Italian Stallion,” he shares a clip of himself during a recent visit to the Library of Congress, submitting one of his first pieces of writing based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe in the early 1970s without thinking that would ever visit her.

“So here I am, more than 50 years later, in the same place that this cold, penniless writer with big ambitions sent his material to,” he said.

“This is an example that blood, sweat and dreams can be fulfilled,” he detailed in the caption. “I wasn’t a very good student, in fact I was asked to drop out at least a dozen schools,” she said.

“But once on the street I knew I had to apply myself and I started writing. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I didn’t stop. As you can see at the end of this post, what can be achieved against all odds. Keep punching.

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Sylvester Stallone’s diet and training

  • Food is an important part of having an impressive physique and of course being able to imitate the movements of a boxer.
  • Before breakfast, a glass of amino acids.
  • For breakfast, three egg whites, whole rye toast, oatmeal, fresh papaya, and a few figs.
  • For lunch, grilled skinless chicken, salad, roasted pumpkin and figs.
  • For dinner, grilled fish, salad, high-fiber toast, and occasionally beef.


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