The story of Natalie Portman and a strange “movie” car

Natalie Portman, ladies and gentlemen. The talented actress has an outstanding career on the big screen. Today we will enter a very strange car that accompanied her on set. Next, an adventure of cinema and automotive culture.

Born in Jerusalem, Israelthe 1981, Natalie Portman She is one of the actresses who have outlined the cinema of the Hollywood industry in the last 20 years. If we close our eyes, we can remember her debut on the big screen, when she was still a child, in “Lion”.

Actress and director, Portman is undoubtedly an icon of cinema. Movies like “Star Wars”, “V for Vendetta”, “Black Swan” or “Song to Song” are just a handful of the films that he had to star in. Actually the list of her filmography is extensive, since she started as a child and she has been active ever since.

The versatility of natalie it is remarkable. Comedies, dramas, science fiction, biopics: nothing escapes her acting skills. At Tork we are fans of cinema, and even more so when it is mixed with automotive culture. Today we will go into a filming story.

Many movies and biopics had John Kennedybut the first film to focus on the life and work of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis it was “jackie”, of the year 2016. Directed by the Chilean Pablo Larraín and presented at the Venice Film Festivalthis film was highlighted with the award for Best Screenplay.

portmanat the feet of jackie, has a fascinating performance that manages to capture the imprint of the president. The costumes, the interior decoration accessories, and the cars are a hit throughout the film. Remember that the plot of the film is set in the 1960s.

In one of the most painful scenes of the film, portman she has to accompany her deceased husband in a really special car obtained exclusively for the filming. It is specifically about the Pontiac Ambulance. This understated, sprawling car is a total relic, and was carefully shot in the film, inside and out.

the scene of Natalie Portmanconfused by the recent tragedy next to the body of her husband, inside the Pontiacis a key to the film and one of the high points of Portman’s acting career. I recommend it.

Natalie Portman and the Pontiac Ambulance from “Jackie.”

Pontiac Ambulance from “Jackie”.

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