the daughter met the new girlfriend Francesca

Holidays in Sardinia for Mario Balotelli. The player was pinched by the paparazzi of Diva and Donna along with his daughter Pia and girlfriend Francesca Monti. The latter entered the attacker’s life only a few months ago but the story immediately proved to be important. For this reason, Super Mario had no qualms about introducing his new partner to his eldest daughter. In the images the two seem to get along very well even if Pia has a special feeling especially with her father. The two play in the water and have fun, accomplices and smiling, under the watchful gaze of Francesca.

Who is Balotelli’s new girlfriend

Francesca Monti is 23 years old and until recently she worked as a waitress. It seems that Mario Balotelli he intends to marry her even if at the moment the person concerned has not communicated official dates. For the ex of Milan and Brescia it would be her first wedding: despite the numerous relationships and liaison, he never went to the altar. Balotelli has two children: Pia, had by Raffaella Fico in 2012, and Lion, born four years ago from the relationship with the model Clelia Carleen.

From Hamsik and Balotelli to Montella and Pirlo: how many stars in Turkey

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From Hamsik and Balotelli to Montella and Pirlo: how many stars in Turkey

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