The animated spin-off of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ arrives at Disney + in August

The Marvel Universe landed on Disney + not only with the idea that series of great ambition would nurture the continuity of the franchise, but also to host other types of derivative projects, smaller and perhaps experimental. In this league we could include What would happen if…?, animated series of (partially) self-contained episodes that was well received enough for Marvel Studios to renew it for a second season and also launch a spin off from one of its segments, Marvel Zombies. Another long-confirmed project is I am Groot, spin off of Guardians of the Galaxy made up of several independent animated short films.

The idea was that this series would go through the growth of Groot from when he returned to his baby state at the end of guardians of the galaxy to being an adult again, exploring his new upbringing and puberty. Taking into account the affection that this creature (dubbed by Vin Diesel As for a single phrase repeated ad nauseam, “I am Groot”) arouses in the public, it can be expected that the series will be very well received when it is released in streaming, and Disney has already revealed when this will happen. will this be August 10once it has been launched Thor: Love and Thunder East July 8have concluded Ms Marvel within the platform, and one week before the launch of the She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulk.

A single opening day for I am Groot? Yes, because like other projects derived from large IPs such as Star Wars Visions (or, more recently, Baymax! with respect to Big Hero 6), I am Groot will premiere its episodes all at once, in Netflix mode. It makes sense given that they are short films with limited footage and a tangential relationship between them, which, on the other hand, leads one to wonder to what extent it would be relevant in the Marvel Studios canon. James Gunnresponsible for the Guardians of the Galaxy, has already addressed this question and the answer is… not much.

A fan asked him about the temporary space of I am Grootto which Gunn responded on Twitter “They are animated shorts, so they are not necessarily part of the Guardians saga”. I am Groot is the least ambitious of the future projects of Guardians of the Galaxyof which we can cite the holiday-special which is directed by Gunn himself (and which would very possibly be released this Christmas), and of course Guardians of the Galaxy. Volume 3which will premiere May 5, 2023 with the idea of ​​​​closing one of the most beloved franchises in the MCU.

'I am Groot' poster
‘I am Groot’ poster

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