The 3 most viewed movies on Netflix in the last week (June 27 to July 3, 2022)


Netflix presents its new Top 3 of most chosen movies of the week, with a tape above the rest by a wide difference. Review the list of favorite titles!

The 3 most viewed movies on Netflix in the last week (June 27 to July 3, 2022).
© NetflixThe 3 most viewed movies on Netflix in the last week (June 27 to July 3, 2022).

A new month has begun for the streaming service Netflix, being the first days of the second part of 2022, where they will have to reverse a tough situation regarding a drop in subscribers around the world. Beyond this corporate crisis, it is not surprising that the contents of its great catalog remain among the main considerations of the public, as has happened with the series.

Next, we bring you the three most popular feature films on the platform in the last week, where there will be no major changes compared to the previous report, although there will be a new leader. On the other hand, the ranking makes it clear that spider’s heada film starring Chris Hemsworth, has not made enough noise and had an inglorious pace since its release. Check out the most viewed movies on Netflix from June 27 to July 3!

+The 3 most viewed movies on Netflix in the last week

3- Claw

Once again, Adam Sandler is synonymous with success for the streaming of the red N and he proves it with this dramatic film, with touches of comedy, which arrived exactly a month ago and continues to be in the Top 3. The actor puts himself in the Skin of a talent scout for basketball players who must find a star abroad and finds a young man who has a complicated past, but decides to take him to the United States to get a tryout in the NBA.

2- Love and ice cream

This adaptation of the homonymous novel by Jenna Evans Welch, written and directed by Brandon Camp, rose one position in the ranking compared to the previous report, proving that it is one of the titles that resonate the most today. The romantic comedy follows a college student in Rome, fulfilling a promise made by her sick mother with a diary that will serve as a guide to falling in love with the city, the people and the ice cream.

1- The man from Toronto

Netflix maintains its idea of ​​​​bringing together two great stars and this time the result is completely valid, since the film starring Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson was ranked this week as the most watched on the platform worldwide. The film, released on June 24, follows a hapless sales consultant and the world’s deadliest killer, who are victims of a mistaken identity after meeting in a rental cabin.

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