Ryan Gosling was criticized for his look in ‘Barbie’ and Eva Mendes defended him

The first criticisms were read on social networks after photos of the filming of Barbie and the actor was seen Ryan Gosling wearing a very particular look in his interpretation of Ken. Then, Eve Mendes came out in defense of his Ken of real life. the star of hitch, who is currently on an acting hiatus, appeared on Monday’s episode of TheTalk, talking about her longtime partner’s hair transformation, Gosling, for the next movie Barbie.

After the co-host Natalie Morales mention that there has been “a lot of debate about the platinum look”, Mendes defended his controversial new style. “People know he’s not playing a real person, right?” he said. “He’s playing a fake person.” The lifestyle entrepreneur, 48, who spoke about her sponge brand Skura Style on the show, she added that seeing her boyfriend with platinum blonde hair for the role of Ken brought out his inner teenage fan. “Well, first of all, I saw the picture and the 14-year-old in me was like, ‘Ah!'” he said with a sigh.

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