Orlando Bloom’s story of overcoming

Through social networks, celebrities passionate about the world of fitness often share their training routines with their followers, revealing their secrets to stay fit for a professional project or simply to be healthy. Stars like Chris Hemsworth and his wife, Elsa Pataky, Jennifer Lopez, Brie Larson and Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’, are just some of them.

The latest celebrity to join the trend of showing off their fitness routines is Orlando Bloom. The famous interpreter of ‘Legolas’, who has just finished filming the movie ‘Red Right Hand’ with Andie MacDowell and Garret Dillahunt, has shown on his Instagram account his usual physical training. To do this, Katy Perry’s fiancé has decided to tell her own story of self-improvement, given that an accident she suffered at the age of 19 almost left him unable to walk again.

“I broke my back when I was 19 years old and they said I would never walk again,” the actor wrote on his Instagram account, showing three videos where he can be seen exercising with gym equipment and some weights. PTo everyone’s surprise, the 45-year-old actor showed a muscular and well-defined figure that is far from the stylized figure of ‘Will Turner’ in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ saga.

This is not the first time that the actor refers to the terrible accident he suffered in 1998 and was very close to leaving him in a wheelchair for life. It all happened when he was trying to reach a roof by climbing, he held on to a drain pipe that ended up giving way and fell into the void from a third floor. Almost a year ago, the actor published a photo on his social networks wearing a back brace where he recounted the following: “That’s me in 1998, three months after falling from a third floor and crushing my spine, escaping through bit of death and paralysis. Grateful every morning to my limbs, which allow me to push my limits (safer now).”

In 2005, the actor also referred to this accident in an interview for GQ. “Until then, I did not have a very healthy appreciation of risk and I thought that we are invincible. I even thought that I would stay in a wheelchair for the rest of my life since I did not know if I would ever walk again, “confessed the actor. “The doctor told me he wasn’t sure how bad the damage to his spinal cord was.” Fortunately, the actor managed to recover after being admitted to the hospital for several weeks, although his way of seeing life had already changed completely. “When I got out I realized that I didn’t want to screw everything up again. I used to ride a motorcycle and drive the car as if it were on a race track, which was ridiculous,” he admitted. 24 years after the accident, the actor can boast of a physique of ten and an excellent state of health.

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