Napoli on Cristiano Ronaldo? The Azzurri could not take advantage of the Growth Decree: the reason

Cristiano Ronaldo NaplesCristiano Ronaldo Naples

Calciomercato Napoli, suggestive hypothesis but almost impossible to see Cristiano Ronaldo in blue since the De Laurentiis club could not even take advantage of the Growth Decree

Napoli football news. Like a bolt from the blue from England they also included Napoli among the pretenders to Cristiano Ronaldo. An unexpected and in some ways paradoxical news, given the spending review that the president De Laurentiis is applying for his club.

Cristiano Ronaldo Naples Growth Decree

Ronaldo-Napoli, no Growth Decree

Ronado is under contract with the Manchester United but he has already announced that he wants to change the air this summer. Dreaming costs nothing, of course, but between dream and reality pass a train of millions that characterize the very onerous contract of the Portuguese. We are talking about figures totally out of the reach of Napoli which, in the remote case, could not even have a useful fiscal instrument: the Growth Decree. Among the requirements for the application there are at least 2 years of non-tax residence in Italy, Cristiano has only 1, ergo the operation remains utopian. has been selected by the new Google service, if you want to be always updated on the latest news follow us on Google News

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