Maverick’ continues to sweep the box office and exceeds the mark of ‘The Dark Knight’

No one expected that an eighties classic like top gun dIt would unleash a wave of nostalgia of this caliber, so maybe we should reduce it all to the innate power of Tom Cruise. The actor and producer has returned to play Peter ‘Maverick’ Mitchell for a belated sequel to the film directed by Tony Scott that has dazzled critics and, since its premiere, has not stopped sweeping the box office. Top Gun: Maverick It is already the first film starring the star of Mission Impossible that exceeds $1 billion collected throughout the world, but according to Collider his tour keeps throwing new headlines. Now in the thread of this weekend of July 4thextended from Friday.

Forecasts pointed to $34 million accumulated in the US, and although it seems that it is going to fall by 9% compared to what was tested, the 26.8 million that it would finally accumulate make it the fourth highest grossing at the national level that a film achieves in the sixth weekend. Maverickin fact, it has been on the billboard for about a month and a half without the box office suffering, and with those 26 million it falls behind other milestones such as Frozen (which in these terms was settled with 28 million dollars in 2013), The Sniper (30 million in 2015) and Avatar (34 million in 2009). It is, above all, a resounding triumph for Cruise, who was determined from the beginning that Maverick to be released exclusively in theaters and had to defy Paramount’s wishes for it.

Result? A splendid year for majorsince Maverick is his fifth big hit in 2022 after Scream, Jackass Forever, The Lost City Y Sonic 2: The Movie. “We have been absolutely stunned by the global response to Top Gun: Maverickdeclares brian robbinspresident of Paramount. “Thank you to the incomparable Tom Cruise, our talented cast, and our incredible marketing and distribution team for delivering a seamless theatrical experience for audiences around the world.”. Sticking to the domestic sphere, Maverick has already far exceeded the collection of a classic film such as The dark knight of Christopher Nolan.

Top Gun: Maverick / Avatar: Water Sense

And it is that, compared to what was collected for that film, Maverick accumulates in the US. 572 million dollars, which widens the gap with respect to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as the highest grossing film of the year in its country of origin. It has also advanced Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (532 million) and The Lion King (543 million), now pending to challenge The Incredibles 2, The Last Jedi, The Avengers, Jurassic World and finally titanica. Finish in the position that ends your career, the historical success of Maverick it is a fact.

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