Martha Higareda revealed how Keanu Reeves behaves behind the camera

Martha Higareda is a 38-year-old film and television actress who has had an outstanding performance in several films, not only in our country, but also in Hollywood, where she also had a role. In recent days, she confessed what it was like to have worked with Keanu Reevesone of the most outstanding and respected actors of the environment.

In the last weeks, Martha Higareda announced happy news for her followers and it is about the release of her new movie, which was written by herself. Her new film will belong to the romantic comedy genre. Regarding this, the 38-year-old producer said, “When I wrote my first short film script, it wasn’t very good, but perseverance and love have made me improve every day. Today I am proud of this script.” In addition, she has filmed a movie with her own sister, Miriam Higareda.

Martha Higareda, 38-year-old actress. Source Instagram @marthahigaredaoficial

On his Instagram account, Martha Higareda She exceeds four and a half million followers and is in charge of demonstrating why she is one of the most beautiful actresses of all. At 38 years old, she sports an enviable body, which works to keep it in shape. In addition, for a year she has been enjoying her relationship with Lewis Howes, her current boyfriend.

The Hollywood debut for Higareda It was in 2008 when he starred in ‘Street Kings’, along with Canadian actor Keanu Reeves. In an interview that she gave, the actress, she confessed what it was like to work and behind the camera with the protagonist of ‘Maximum Speed’, whom she characterized as kind and tender. In addition, she said: “He is a very good person, he is rather quiet, because he is very introverted, but he is so kind he always gives things to people, with him you feel a very nice kindness.” She also commented that, when she has met him, he has greeted her very kindly.

As to Keanu Reeves, became known for his remembered roles in ‘Maximum Speed’, ‘Matrix’ and ‘John Wick. Many Hollywood actors highlight him for his kindness and affection, but his childhood has not been easy at all. When he was a child and still lived with his father, he physically assaulted them, which forced him to move with his mother and sister to Canada.

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