Marina Carmona: “Not because you come from flamenco and are a gypsy you have to sing buleras”

Music has always lived in me… and in the living room of my house”, says Marina Carmona. Only that until now I had “a lot of respect” for it. Something understandable when your grandfather is Juan Habichuela and your parents, Antonio Carmona and Mariola Orellana: At home, they asked her to sing in front of people and she said nothing… “Then, in the shower, I would start cooing for Mariah Carey.” know anyone: “I took off the weight of the surname and I fell in love with the stage”. There, “a new Navy” was reborn. The one who, while recording her first album, also goes on tour with C Tangana and participates -as she couldn’t be otherwise- in the Antonio Carmona and Familia concerts.

In Miami, where he studied music, “nobody knew my father, my grandfather or my great-great-grandfather. I was a new girl, with different features. They told me it looked like the new Sofa Vergara”laughs Marina Carmona. “It was a wonderful experience, very funny. I did musical theater, I started with the classic… The girl who was not clear about what she wanted to do became a woman who fell in love with the stage. I discovered my voice and my vibe”. A voice that Rosario Flores describes as “candy”. And a roll that she herself defines as a very romantic and melodic musical world, overflowing with sensuality. “As if they were whispering in your ear, it’s like singing to you looking for you.” Topics like no baggage (in which he collaborates with Lin Corts), I keep remembering either I’m going to love you demonstrated. That Miami catharsis, the turning point, is literally etched on her skin. She has a tattoo of a flamingo, the animal of the city, with a treble clef. “She symbolizes everything,” she says.

“I want to break stereotypes”

You say you didn’t sing before out of respect. To what or to whom?

I have seen many artists pass by my house, my father spending hours in the studio doing wonders. It was a question of respect for flamenco and the fact of coming from a very dense culture, which costs, and more so being a woman. But today I enjoy it. I’m at full throttle recording my album, in which in addition to that romantic Marina there will be new, fresher and stronger sounds.

Do we have to break with the gypsy stereotype?

I want to do it. Not because you come from flamenco and are a gypsy, you have to sing buleras and dance well. One thing has nothing to do with the other. The same thing happens in the Morente family. Sole is a very good friend of mine and I think she is doing very well. As a woman and a gypsy I would like to be a source of inspiration for the generations to come, musically, personally and physically. Let’s not live pigeonholed.

Is it difficult to find your own voice without losing your roots?

Finding the balance is complicated. In flamenco there is a very fine line. Right away they’re telling you “that’s not flamenco”. I always say that my music cannot be defined like that, but flamenco breathes in my throat. Even if I start doing something else, my seal is on my throat.

“From my mother I have the discipline; from my father, the art”

Your father is a musician and your mother represents artists like Rosario. he gypsy and she paya. What do you have of each?

I’m very bossy, that’s where Mariola comes to light! My mother has instilled in me the demand and discipline in studies and work. From my father I have the art.

What you have is a master’s degree to be an artist at home. What do you learn from them?

I have a mother who has given me a lot of shit, but a good shit. She is the first critic with me and I appreciate it. There are people who think that everything is given to me, but she is the most perfectionist. She is not one of those who tells you “how beautiful everything you do, how beautiful you are and you can’t stand it”. And my father… oh, it’s just that I belong to my dad. He has given me the sensitivity and the journey that is music. And the vision of not blinding myself. If something doesn’t add up to me, I ask for an opinion and I listen to it, I’m not egocentric at all.

With so many artists under the same roof, do egos collide?

We have game of tones and fight of egos, ha ha. In the sprees you do not see to remember the tones of each one in the songs. Seriously, what we all enjoy most about being artists is the amount of experiences we share. That is a gift.

“When I get together with my sister on a party we are like Las Grecas”

Your sister Luca Fernanda started in music at the same time as you.

We have had a parallel starting point and physically we look alike. People confuse us: are you the canastero or the one who sings in French? (Marina has a version of don’t take me away that fuses chanson franaise and bulera). But Luca has a fury and a claw, a modern and urban world, nothing to do with me. Then we got together in a party and there I know that we are Las Grecas. But each one has its own personality. Like Lolita and Rosario Flores.

Rosario was already yours coach particular, before being on the program La Voz…

He gives me some great advice. She is also the daughter of, sister of… we share patterns. Regarding my music, she tells me not to lose the serenity and elegance that I convey on stage. She says that in me she sees a Flemish Sade.

What are your reference artists?

Sade, Nia Pastori, Juan Luis Guerra, Alejandro Sanz… I’m from the old school. I like the musical productions of before, those do not go out of style. Now in music everything goes very fast. If you bring up a subject and after 15 days another, there is no time to assimilate the first. I like that the songs take their body and have their space.

YC Tangana, who have you accompanied on tour?

He is a musical genius. And a currant. He has been working for a long time and now is when he is making the most noise, which shows me that you have to be very consistent. I’ve also done the Antonio Carmona y Familia tour. Tangana’s will be number one, but I have this one in my heart. There is magic on stage: a father, daughter, nephew, cousin, sister connection… People feel it, they tell me that they get emotional and even cry when they see how I look at myself with my father.

How important is your image?

My style is very diva. I am the queen of glitter and when you have to mark an eye and a mouth and a Beyonc hair, there is Marina. My gypsy vein panicked at the sight of the look masculine and washed face of this session. But I am open to changes. Playing with it when you’re starting out is wonderful. I am growing and watering my plants.

(Makeup and Hairdresser: Ezequiel Rodríguez (Ana Prado) for NARS and Mn Icon Team)

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