Julia Roberts is the most elegant at 50+ in a midi dress

midi dresses they are one of the easiest garments to wear and Julia Roberts he knows. Simply combine them with pumps, sandals, boots, or even tennis shoes, to achieve the perfect look. And although the oscar winner posing barefoot in the latest image that her stylist, Elizabeth Stewart, posted on Instagram, the outfit is no less flattering, on the contrary, it reminds us of a relaxed day at home.

How to wear a midi dress in the style of Julia Roberts?

in the catch, actress julia roberts wears a midi-dress created by the Ukrainian firm Overthesea, a show of support for the European nation that has been in a war crisis since February of this year. Stewart revealed that the dress was worn during the days of the Cannes Festival, probably in a moment to enjoy the French Riviera, away from the red carpet that Julia had not attended since 2016.

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The protagonist Gaslit wore his iconic curly and coppery red hair, a change of look that premiered this year. Beyond a renewed image, we should talk about a return to the basics, since it was her red hair that made her one of the distinctive faces of Hollywood back in the 90s, when she starred in Pretty Woman.

In fact, since then, Roberts has been one of the most outstanding modern references if we look for midi dress inspiration. Little more than three decades have passed since the quintessential chick flick was released and we still can’t forget that brown design with white polka dots, an absolute statement of the Old Money aesthetic that has returned in 2022 thanks to the popularity of the term on TikTok .

So it is not strange to think of Pretty Woman Everytime that Julia Roberts decides to wear a midi dress It doesn’t matter if she does it on screen, or to relax, combining it only with her fiery hair and an elegant pedicure that matches the color of the garment. Let’s take note.

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