Julia Roberts’ brother Eric speaks out about rumors of their bad relationship

In recent years, much has been said about the alleged bad relationship they would have Julia Roberts And his brotheralso an actor Eric Roberts. Rumors have suggested that the sibling feud dates back to the 1990s, when she was a rising star and all the spotlights pointed in his direction.

But, without going any further, the 66-year-old interpreter has referred to this unfounded information, describing it as misunderstood and explaining how they arose.

The actor from ‘Suits’ or from ‘The dark knight’ went through the microphones of ‘Behind the Velvet Rope’ to affirm: “Julia and I have always been good“.

“I think many years ago I was doing a press tour for a movie. I don’t even know what movie it was. And it was just when had just premiered ‘Pretty Woman’“, began recounting Eric Roberts, adding that they did “a lot of questions about his sister“.

Given this, the actor had no choice but to ask them to focus on him: “I said, ‘Hey, excuse me. Can we talk about me?’“, He recalled saying that it was “very funny” although, over the years, it has not been seen that way.

This anecdote joined his acquaintances drug problemswhich affected the relationship with his sisters, which fueled the rumors.

Julia Roberts with her brother Eric Roberts when they were young

Julia Roberts with her brother Eric Roberts of young | Cord Press

“Then I was like: ‘Oh, they have a problem. My God, they have a problem,'” added the father of emma roberts while at the time he downplayed this matter. “The story blew up and turned into false claims.”

“My sister and I, however, we have always talked, we have always complained together. we’ve always had fun, we know each other. Simple as that, “she ditched her and then raved about it assuring that”she is a cool modern mom“.

Both stars have two sisters, one of whom committed suicide in 2014 and about whom he said “I was crazy” about them: “I loved them, I adored them. They were precious to me and we had moments of great closeness. We all felt very protective each other, but the hardest person to protect is yourself.

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