Jorge Meré ‘erased’ by Ortiz, will he leave the team?

The Eagles of Club América continue to search for free places for foreigners, and given the imminent departure of Juan Oterothe defensive zone is where the other way out of a soccer player would be sought, since in that position he is Bruno Valdez, Sebastian Caceres and Jorge Mere as ‘Not trained in Mexico’, and he could be the one ‘sacrificed’.

In recent days, there was talk about the situation of Bruno Valdez, who would have refused to leave the team for the Bravos de Juárez, which is why the other option could be Meré, since Fernando Ortiz has him ‘erased’ for the Opening 2022.

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Before the arrival of Néstor Araujo, the Spanish central defender became the last option for ‘Tano’ in goal, even below the young academy player Emilio Lara, who started in the matchday 1 match against the Rojinegros del Atlas .

Despite being in good physical condition, Jorge Meré was not called up by Ortiz for his debut in the Apertura 2022, and according to information from Julio Ibáñez, the Americanist board has not ruled out the possibility that the Spaniard will leave the team.

This is how Meré could free up that foreign position that América could occupy for an attacking footballer, either as a center forward or as a right winger, remembering that ‘Cabecita’ Rodríguez can play as a second striker or shot from the left wing.

The Spaniard has played just 10 games with the blue-cream shirt, accumulating a total of 668 minutes since January 2022 when he joined the team. And according to the Transfermarkt portal he is valued at 2.5 million euros.

So far it is unknown if there is any offer for Meré, but his departure from the Eagles could take place in the coming days.

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