Johnny Depp’s victory in the trial sends his cologne skyrocketing in sales

La legal battle between the ex-marriage formed by Amber Heard Y Johnny Depp finally reached its end. The Virginia judge declared the actress responsible for defaming the protagonist of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, who at that time had exercised domestic violence according to the words of heard.

So after six weeks, Amber Heard must pay Johnny Depp an amount of 10.35 million dollars between compensatory damages and punitive damages. The article written by Amber Heard in The Washington Post affected and in what way the actor, who saw how the projects he was working on were canceled or stopped counting on him. Now, with the judge’s verdict, Depp it returns to recover the projects and what is more important: the reputation.

Dior’s ‘Sauvage’ fragrance

During the trial, very often on social media, the ‘fans’ of Johnny Depp were very in his favor and some brands have maintained the link they had with Johnny Depp. A clear example of this is the colony ‘sauvage‘, of Diora brand for which the actor has been working for several years.

The collaboration that the actor has with Dior and its fragrance has only exploded as a result of the judge’s verdict, well, as pointed out by The Wall Street Journalit’s found leading the ranking of the best-selling colognes for men. This is confirmed by the pages of Sephora and Ulta. On the Amazon platform it also occupies a good place, ranking fourth in the standings.

“Buying this for all the men in my life”

The business agreement between Dior Y Johnny Depp started in 2005 and now seems more prosperous than ever. On the Sephora and Ulta websites, when you select the fragrance ‘sauvage‘, can read: “Buying this for all the men in my life #JusticeForJohnny” or “Not only does it smell amazing, but I love and will continue to support Johnny Depp.”

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