Is Mickey Mouse Leaving Disney? Copyright is at risk!

There Disney it has to deal with a probable turning point that could prove epochal. The production company may soon lose the copyright of its most famous character: Baby mouse. US Senator Josh Hawley presented a bill, The Copyright Clause Restoration Act, on the term of copyright in the United States, which aims to reduce the terms to a maximum of 56 years for all works created after the promulgation of the law and even with retroactive effect for works whose copyright is held by subjects who have a market capitalization of over $ 150 billion.

The copyright law

The proposal was made for cagainst the big entertainment companies that historically would have benefited most of all from the copyright extension terms, and especially Disney. In the United States, the term of copyright has undergone several changes: the most recent was made in 1998 with the Copyright Term Extension Act, that has extended the terms of protection for a further 20 years for works recorded after 1923. An extension that obviously proved profitable for the company founded by Walt Disney.

What Disney risks

If the bill presented by Senator Hawley were introduced, Disney would lose the copyright on the Mickey Mouse character, and also on those of Mickey Mouse, before 2024. Minnie Mouse, Pluto and Donald Duck. All characters created before 1966. Last January the production company lost the rights to Winnie The Pooh. The famous bear represented one of the most profitable franchises in history, of which the entertainment giant had taken over the rights in 1961, after the death of the writer AA Milne, earning him billions in revenues of films, books and merchandising. Once a work enters the public domain it can be legally shared, performed, reused, repurposed or sampled without permission or cost.

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