How did Amber Heard go from being supported by all of Twitter to being shunned?

Johnny Depp’s notorious trial against Amber Heard ended with his verdict, but outside of court the subject is still being talked about. It is not for less because this process was broadcast live and a considerable number of people were watching their screens as well as their Twitter accounts to comment minute by minute or give their opinion about it. During all that time, the protagonist of Aquaman – 73% went from being supported by many people, as it was because of their article in the Washington Postto become a controversial and unreliable figure, with a fairly small amount of support for her.

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Since the libel trial began between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife, Amber Heard, on April 11, there was no escaping the fact that the social network’s feed was full of content for and against the actors, although this time everything was more inclined towards Depp’s side. And it seemed impossible to escape from it, as if it were that one of the Twitter algorithms was in charge of showing that topic. Support for the actor manifested itself in memes and all kinds of cruel comments that make light of domestic abuse and paint Heard as a manipulative and lying person.

Seeing others participate so fervently on Depp’s behalf was an uncomfortable experience for those who didn’t want to be in the least bit aware of the trial. Not all of that activity felt real, but there were people who were all for it. Some of them had occupied the other “side” before. The US$50 million defamation lawsuit imposed by the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl – 79% arose after the publication of an article in which Amber Heard It said that it represented the victims of abuse without giving names of the person responsible.

The actor won the trial and must receive US$15 million from Heard, although he must in turn pay him US$2 million since the trial found that he also defamed the actress. This did not prevent one of the two from defending one of the two tooth and nail, but the evolution that people’s opinions have had when comparing how it was before with today is curious. A recent article from Newsweek details this with data that helps us better understand how the actress went from having so much support on Twitter to being rejected.

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Newsweek flashed back to 2016, when Amber Heard filed for divorce from her former partner and obtained a restraining order. It is worth mentioning that the opinion article had not yet been published in Washington Post where he said he was a victim of abuse without mentioning the actor; that happened two years later. It turns out that at the beginning of the media investigation, the terms “Heard” and “Depp” were searched on Twitter, where it was found that in 2016, of the tweets that had at least 100 likes, 36 were in favor of Amber Heard or who criticized Johnny Depp and only 2 were in favor of the actor.

Back then, the messages were mostly about the fact that many are always second-guessing women when they try to talk about the abuse they’ve experienced, and interestingly enough, one user also said that “Johnny Depp will be forgiven by the media, but Amber Heard will be called a liar and a fortune hunter for a long time.” Now the balance was turned and looking for the same terms, it was found that of more than 500 tweets, with 100 likes or more, at least 502 were speaking in favor of Depp and only 2 did the same for Heard.

Everything began to change in 2019, after the defamation lawsuit that the actor started against a media outlet referred to the accusations of Amber Heard as a farce that had been refuted by two police officers and multiple witnesses. The year before that was when Depp was spun off from the Fantastic Beasts franchise and the Pirates of the Caribbean series; that is, it took a couple of years for the companies to try to do something about it after the accusations. The photo of the amputated finger, images from the 2016 and 2018 depositions that appeared on the internet at one point in 2020, and the audio in which Heard admits to beating the actor all helped turn the tide.

Several tweets began calling for Heard to be fired from the DCEU where she has the role of Mera and there were also many posts expressing concern about what the trial and its resolution may mean for victims of abuse, as many people took advantage of the situation to try to move the narrative in their favor in terms of not taking seriously when people tell about their experiences as victims. Cancel culture is extremely rare and although there are figures within the same medium who have not yet taken responsibility for their actions or assumed the consequences of them, on the other side are those who have to go through unfair treatment before time, and there is no shortage of those cases in which after a short time it is as if nothing had happened. It will be a matter of time to see what will become of the two actors involved.

Even though the last movie Johnny Depp he did not perform as expected with the help of his fans, the victory in the trial could be what his career needed, plus it allows him to clear his name. On Amber Heardperhaps it is still too early to know what will happen with the sequel to Aquamanespecially since Warner Bros. has major issues right now.

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