his words about Roma, Dybala and Ronaldo

ROMEFrancis Totti back to talk about Rome. He does so on the sidelines of the Illumia Padel Cup tournament, telling about Dybala’s suggestion, about the suggestion of the fans on Cristiano Ronaldo and his future.

What is your idea of ​​Rome?
“We are used to talking before it all begins. I didn’t get the idea, there is still time, the championship will start in mid-August and anything can still happen. I hope I can make a great team, to achieve important goals” .

What happened with Ronaldo?
“I never believed it. I know the current reality. If it were true, so be it, all Roma fans will be enthusiastic”.

Is Dybala a achievable dream?
“It was possible, very possible. Other things happened and he vanished. He will go elsewhere, I hoped he could come to Roma. There was a chat but I don’t know what they said.”

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Frattesi to Rome and Volpato to Sassuolo?
“It is a possible operation, the executives are talking, evaluating some situations. Volpato could be part of this”.

What can Volpato give?
“He has characteristics that are enhanced by 4-3-3. He is whimsical, but shy and reserved. He has always proved his worth.”

The shot that intrigues you the most?
“I am thinking of Lukaku’s return, this is a great blow. Pogba has returned to Juventus. We hope that even medium-high teams can make some purchases.”

What will you do when you grow up?
“I’m old, I did what I had to do (laughs). I’m going to look for some talent in the world, come on”.

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