Harry and Meghan, how will the Dukes of Sussex spend the summer?

Summer has now arrived and also for the Dukes of Sussex it’s time to relax. Despite all their official commitments, Harry and Meghan will try to carve out a few days to spend in peace and in the company of the little ones of the house, Archie And Lilibet. Many are therefore wondering what the two adopted Californians have planned for this summer. In addition to the sea and the entertainment of the summer season, for the Dukes of Sussex there are also many projects on the horizon.

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Undoubtedly it will be a full summer that of the Sussex, who will be engaged in several projects including the filming of their highly anticipated Netflix docuseries scheduled for the end of the year. Furthermore, the relationships between the Royal Family and the two overseas rebels are increasingly tense and this adds to their concerns. Will they have time to carve out a few days to spend on vacation? Additionally, Prince Harry is also struggling with writing his own autobiographywhich is expected to be published later this year by Penguin Random House.

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Recently returning from the London stage on the occasion of the Queen’s Jubilee, the couple intend to spend their free time in their home in Montecito worth 30 million dollars and dedicate oneself to the still young children, perhaps taking advantage of the beautiful days of Los Angeles and the pool of the villa. The spectacular coast, the ocean, the green as far as the eye can see, the peace and the enormous privacy, make it a destination loved by Hollywood stars as Ariana Grande And Oprah Winfrey. Certainly in this mansion, the two will not regret Buckingham Palace.

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Harry and Meghan vacation in peace in the unbridled luxury of Montecito

Harry will also have time to pursue another of his hobbies as well. Indeed, he was immortalized on horseback during the Polo final at the Santa Barbara Club. The MailOnline revealed that the prince suffered for it sport: he trains four times a week and goes to the gym most days. That’s not all, even for the former actress there are celebrations in sight. In fact, on August 4th she will turn 41 and it will be a question of organizing a big one party in his honour. S.Certainly there will also be some celebrities who live in the surrounding area among the guests, such as James Corden, Orlando Bloomhis wife Katy Perry and their little Daisy. In short, there will be fun and who knows if a visit to the Palace is not planned.

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