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HYPEX, the data miner of Fortnite most popular on the internet, posted an interesting roundup of player bug reports. While most of these bugs are fun, they also put players at a disadvantage. At the moment, we can say that it is the worst experience in five years from the launch of the video game to date.

The players of Fortnite they could see their enemies on the map, which is one of the most unusual bugs the game has ever had. This put everyone at a disadvantage because the location was revealed. However, some players used this to their advantage by tracking down enemies and taking them out.

Many players were also able to edit their enemies’ builds, which was not intended to happen. This was part of a limited-time game mode that Epic Games released a few years ago, so it’s unclear how it made it back into the game.

FORTNITE | detected errors

However, Epic Games announced a Fortnite playstation cup which begins on July 7. This cup will allow players to edit all structures built by players, so this could be the explanation for the bug.

Players have also reported the ability to restart players in Solo Mode, which doesn’t make sense. The reset is only intended for Duos, Trios, and Squads.

FORTNITE | hypex-warning

Other players dealt with numerous issues like getting the Victory Royale screen while on the battle bus at the start of the game. Some of these glitches are still in the game and are still being experienced by players. However, they don’t happen as frequently as they used to and it seems that Epic Games is slowly fixing them.

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