Fortnite could receive a new mechanic that would change the animals completely

I’ve been saying for a while now that Fortnite It needs one of those more or less big changes that modify to some extent what we know about the game. Something like the arrival of cars in Season 3 of Chapter 2 or the crafting system of Season 6 would work for me… after all, we can’t ask Epic GamesI know what meta content such as those that land in the game in the change from one chapter to another.

And it is that, precisely, with the latter they would have to see the information that I bring you in these same lines. Specifically, with one of those mechanics that would completely change one of the key elements of Fortnite; animals being the ones I will focus on next.

  • The leak I am talking about has been extracted by the dataminer known as HYPEX
  • This ensures that Epic Games has reworked the mount system for the animals in the game
  • Those animals that would already be prepared for this change would be the wolves

The bad thing about this leak is that the information it provides is scant enough that we cannot specify anything more about it. Especially when it comes to key aspects, such as when this new functionality would arrive in Fortnite.

What is clear is that we are facing one of those novelties that I want to see yes or yes within the game by imagining myself on the back of a boar through the fields of the new island of Chapter 3. Does the same thing happen to you as to me? At the end of the day, not all the appeal of the game would have to do with its collaborations… although there are some others in the future that promises to leave us with our mouths open.

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