Former Disney executive says Johnny Depp could return to Pirates of the Caribbean

Captain Jack Sparrow is the absolute protagonist of the saga Pirates of the Caribbeanplayed by Johnny Depp and symbol of one of the most representative characters of blockbuster cinema in recent years.

For the same reason, the recent trial between Johnny Depp and his ex-partner, actress Amber Heard, put a big question mark over the future not only of the actor, but also of the character, which would be a blow to the franchise.

The majority of authorized voices consulted by the United States press indicate that it is very unlikely that the actor will return to Disney, since that the company, despite the fact that Depp has won the trial and his image is better positioned, would not want to be affected by all the controversy and the consequences of the media trial.

However, some argue otherwise. People magazine has spoken with a former Disney director who assures that his return to a new installment of Pirates of the Caribbean it is clearly feasible. I absolutely believe that after the verdict, the saga is set with Johnny as Captain Jack Sparrow back on board.commented on this source, whose name was not revealed.

This former director gave the example of the “great success” of the return of the saga Top Gun: Maverick to the big screen in recent weeks, starring Tom Cruise. “There is a huge appetite in Hollywood to bring back stars to profitable and very popular franchises,” posits the source consulted.

On the other hand, People magazine has clarified that it has contacted a current and authorized Disney spokesperson, but that he has refused to make any statement on this matter. In any case, it will be a matter of time to find out if Depp will again wear the suit of one of the most emblematic characters of his career.

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