Do you know Adam Sandler’s wife? She is Jackie, his life partner for almost 20 years

Adam Sandler he produces, writes and acts in his own films and a particularity within his films is that he brings together a close cast of actors who always accompany him in the filming of his comedies. One of the actresses that cannot be missing, even if it is in one of his scenes, is Jackie Titon Sandlerhis wife, who met the actor as one of his fans and who, after almost two decades, has become his inseparable companion.

It didn’t take long, since Sandler began his career, for his films to overflow at the US box office. Although they were never well received by the critics, the public liked the comedy proposed by Adam, who with films like “Happy Gilmore”, “The Wedding Singer” and “Billy Madison” began to identify him as one of the best actors of comedy of the time.

When everything was going well in Sandler’s career, achieving stability and public recognition, he began filming “Big Daddy” in 1999, a production where he met Jackie Titone, but more than a coincidence, years later, Adam’s wife recognized that this first meeting was not motivated by chance, but by her and her accomplice, actor Rob Schneider.

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Jackie began her career as a model, after a while, her manager advised her to venture into Hollywood as an actress, an idea she accepted, as she was a fervent follower of Sandler’s films, to which she felt attracted. The actress remembers that her friends did not understand her and even made fun of her for her guilty pleasure. But, her first opportunity on the big screen was not with the comedian, but with Rob Schneider with whom she shared credits in “Gigolo by accident” (1999).

Jackie told Rob that she really liked Adam Sandler’s films and would love to work with him, so Schneider did not hesitate to intercede for the actress to have an appearance in his great friend’s next film, in which he played a careless young man who must take care of a small child.

Photo: Adam Sandler’s Instagram

So it was time for the first meeting. And although Jackie knew perfectly well who the actor was, when Sandler met the model for the first time, he knew that she was the woman he wanted to share the rest of his life with, or that is how he narrated in a publication in 2020, where he celebrates the 20 °. anniversary of their relationship: “Today, 22 years ago, we looked into each other’s eyes and fell deeply,” he described.

In that film, Jackie plays a waitress who approaches the table of Sandler and Cole Sprouse, who played the actor’s adopted son, with whom he exchanged a single dialogue, but in real life, it was only at the beginning of a long They walked together, because after four years -in 2003- they would marry in a Jewish ceremony, where they were accompanied by figures from the media such as Jennifer Aniston, Rodney Dangerfield and Sharon Osbourne. Product of their love, they had their two daughters, Sabie (2006) and Sunny (2008).

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