Depp-Heard case | Johnny Depp Isn’t Finished: Dior’s ‘Sauvage’ Sales Soar After Trial

How many times have you heard the phrase ‘The important thing is that they talk about you‘? Being in the arena usually brings revenue and in this case, the sordid and media lawsuit for defamation between Johnny Depp Y Amber Heard have had side effects beyond the sentence that condemns the actress to compensate the artist with 15 million dollars: the sales of the fragrance Dior’s ‘Sauvage’, of which the actor is the global image, have skyrocketed Notably since the litigation began and, especially, since the verdict became known.

Heard has already said that she doesn’t have that kind of money. In this sense, he plans to appeal the sentence. “She has excellent reasons to appeal, there is a lot of evidence that was not admitted,” warned his team of lawyers. Instead, she blows other winds for Depp after the actress opened Pandora’s box in December 2018. She then published an article in ‘The Washington Post’ in which she spoke of gender violence and hinted that she had been mistreated for her ex-husband.

the accusations seriously curtailed his career professional: he was fired from the sixth installment of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, for which he was going to pocket 21 million euros. He also got kicked out of ‘Fantastic Beasts. The Secrets of Dumbledore’ and numerous film projects, as well as numerous advertising commitments.

Innocent until told otherwise

However, someone accompanied him throughout this journey through the desert: Dior assumed the premise of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and remained confined to it. It is true that Depp has not gone unpunished from the trial: he has also been accused of defamation and will have to pay his ex-partner two million dollars. Even so, he considers it a victory and assured after the verdict that “the truth never dies”.

Depp has been the face of the luxury brand since 2005 and the face of ‘Sauvage’ since the fragrance was launched in 2015. Since then, sales of the perfume have grown non-stop, peaking at Christmas and Father’s Day. Its success among the male sector is such that it is one of the five best-selling products of the brand deluxe.

The demand for perfume skyrockets

Now, we must add a new trend: the demand for the fragrance has increased in the weeks after the start of the trial and, in just one month, searches in Google of perfume increased by 48%going from 823,000 searches in March to 1.2 million in April.

The advertisement for the perfume on the brand’s official YouTube channel accumulates more than 92 million views. In it, Depp appears in the desert, in the company of wolves, playing electric guitar before saying “In the desert, fearless, and human“.

Fourth best-selling fragrance in Spain

Sales of this perfume have experienced remarkable growth, especially after hearing the court ruling. In this sense, in the United States: it is located in the first place among men’s fragrancesboth in Sephora and Ulta, the main cosmetic stores in the country, according to ‘The Wall Street Journal’.

If we do the same exercise and see the ranking of sales in Spain, it is the fourth best-seller in both El Corte Inglés and Sephora. On the other hand, this perfume has also reached a good position among the most purchased products on Amazon and is currently in fourth position.

Since the accusations against the actor began several years ago, the brand has not stopped counting on the actor for its fragrance despite the numerous criticisms it had to face. Moreover, during the weeks that the trial lasted, the company has kept the photos and videos on the website and the company’s social networks.

The same thing already happened after the trial against ‘The Sun’ in 2018

When Depp lost the lawsuit he filed against the British newspaper ‘The Sun’ in 2018, the same thing happened. The newspaper assured that the actor was a “wife beater”but internet searches for ‘Sauvage’ grew 23%, according to beauty website Cosmetify.

“It is the best-selling men’s fragrance at The Fragrance Shop and is on The Perfume Shop’s best-seller list,” The Guardian reported at the time. The actor has not only made good the phrase ‘The important thing is that they talk about you’, but he has also made his own the saying that ‘All advertising is good advertising‘.

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