Checo Pérez rescues the podium in Great Britain, after going last

Checo Pérez, for his great comeback, was voted the driver of the day at Silverstone

The Mexican Czech Perez He obtained a second place with a taste of victory in the cathedral of motorsport after experiencing a nightmare first half of the race and ending up fighting for victory in the British Grand Prix.

The start of the race was bad for the man from Guadalajara because he lost to Lewis Hamilton and later with Fernando Alonso, who beat the one from Red Bull and lost the lead at turn three.

The red flags appeared only on the first lap due to the accident involving five drivers, being Guanyu Zhou the most affected not only for being left out, but because in his incident with George Russell his Alfa Romeo ended up on his head and crashed directly into the metal mesh and this caused the actions to stop with a red flag.

In the restart of the race with a stopped grid, the man from Guadalajara initially won third position and for a moment he was able to take second place, but he respected his teammate Max Verstappenso when trying to maintain his position he lost with Leclerc and part of the spoiler.

Sergio Perez It was on the fifth lap that he pitted for a wing change and relegated him to last position with a 17-second deficit in 16th place.

In 12 laps the Mexican climbed up four positions and by 21 the Guadalajara He climbed to eighth place, falling behind Stephen Oconwho was 1.9 seconds ahead.

Ocon pitted on lap 22 and Czech Perez got the position having Max Verstappen to just over 3.1 seconds. Czech He rose to sixth place with the entry of the Dutchman to the pits.

The Mexican cut the 13 seconds he had with Fernando Alonso and until lap 33 he achieved fifth position when he saw that the Spaniard entered the pits. On lap 35 he moved up to fourth place with the pit stop of Lando Norris.

The race took an unexpected turn on lap 39 with Stephen Ocon stopped on the tarmac with his Alpinewhich opened the doors for the Mexican to enter the pits and change his tires to hard compound, while the most affected was the leader Charles Leclerc.

The restart saw the most exciting maneuvers of the weekend with Checo first beating Lewis Hamilton on the inside of the curve and keeping Leclerc in his sights.

The Monegasque’s fight became the most dramatic moment of the afternoon, as Hamilton took advantage of the duel to move up to second place. The Mexican did not sit idly by and went for the Englishman, causing another intense duel to be experienced and that of Red Bull came out graceful

Checo fought back, hugged himself with arms and legs to the second position and began to put an advantage on Hamilton and let escape to Carlos Sainzwho took his first victory.

In the end, Czech Perez he turned a misfortune into a sweet Sunday and in the process not only retained his second place in the drivers’ championship, but also closed the gap on leader Max Verstappen, who finished seventh.

There are a couple of investigations pending from the FIA. At the close of this note there are no penalties on Checo or any other driver.

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