‘Checo’ Pérez and Tom Cruise in the same place; This is how the actor celebrated his 60th birthday

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can you imagine Czech Perez and Tom Cruise In the same place? Yes, the actor from Top Gun: Maverick celebrated his birthday in Formula 1.

That’s right, this July 3 the actor is partying and to start with his celebration he attended the British Grand Prix.

Tom Cruise turns 60

Tom Cruise He has become one of the biggest stars in the world, leaving a mark for his exciting films where his professionalism stands out when performing his own dangerous scenes.

In addition, it draws attention to the fact that its 60 years he is still in great physical shape and maintains his youthful appearance that has always characterized him.

What will be his secret? Here we leave you some of his secrets to look as good as the actor at 60 years old.

Style, discipline and a healthy mind/ Photo: EFE

3 secrets from Tom Cruise to stay in shape


To stay in shape, the actor confessed to several of his favorite sports such as sea kayaking, as well as caving, fencing, weights, climbing and many others.

“I do many different activities”, confessed the actor, which has allowed him to transmit energy and manage to do his own action scenes.

In addition to the practice also taking advantage of his free time to enjoy them live and in full color, just as he did this Sunday at the British GP.

The actor is characterized by participating in his own action scenes, without doubles/Photo: EFE

Style according to your age

One of the characteristics of actor is what he looks like at 60 years old since it maintains a youthful style without looking like a man who wants to look young.

With this, he shows that he is satisfied with his age, appreciates it, and values ​​it, and does not miss his youth, which makes him look natural, in addition to knowing Take advantage of your personality and style.

Young style without exaggeration/Photo: EFE

Positive mentality

It is already known that the actor works hard to strengthen his mind, accepts failure and knows how to mediate success.

Keep your mind healthy reflects on its exteriorwhich is why we always see the actor focused and level-headed.

Undoubtedly, perseverance and discipline are the factors that make the actor look great at 60 years old, an anniversary he celebrated on stage where Czech Perez he won second place and where he saw Tom Cruise very happy.

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