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One of the most recent controversies in the world of entertainment is related to Amber Heard Y Johnny Depp. Both actorsafter ending their relationship, they faced each other in the United States courts for a case of defamation.

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It all happened because Amber Heard shared an article in an American media where he talked about domestic violence and how he had lived it. Shortly after Johnny Depp reacted and sued the artist because he felt flattered by the article, for which it was about defamation.

After several months on the stands of USA the court concluded that Amber Heard had defamed Johnny Depp in said article and that it should pay him a sum of 15,000,000 Dollars. The case was so controversial that it sparked criticism around the world, as well as posturing. In fact, the same judge in the case allowed it to be televised to prevent the media from doing everything possible to enter, due to the fame of the two artists.

After the ruling, many people celebrated the judge’s decision because they considered that Amber Heard he was lying for all the months the case was open. However, the actress He also received support and one of those was from his sister Whitney Heard, who recently shared a post on his Instagram profile, where he shows that he is next to his sister. In fact, she indicated that she will always be proud of the actress for raising her voice and talking about the domestic violence, just as this will be a fight that is not over yet.

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