All with braids, the coolest and easiest anti-hot hairstyle, that celebs like

«Gigi Hadid’s micro front braids combined with
loose hair moved by natural but also straight waves. Even the boho style braid, that is
that soft, low braid, with a slightly messy effect and with small free locks a
framing the face, it has been seen a lot on the last red carpets and gives that allure
romantic that does not seem to go out of fashion. See under Hailey Bieber, ”confirms the hairstylist.

To conquer for the summer that has just begun also the afro braids that Rihanna likes so much and that Elodie too often shows: «Elodie’s afro braids in the XXL version, another seasonal trend, can be natural or made with extensions of their own nuance, but also in a lighter or contrasting shade. The result is a tribal and certainly very summery look. As for the products to make the braids, I recommend saline sprays, or mousse, which texturize the hair making it more workable. Wet effect waxes can also be useful, it always depends on the result you want to obtain », suggests the expert.

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