Who are the posh of the addictive ‘First Class’?

From party to party, from event to event and working in cool professions. That is what the posh people from First class occupy their existence, the reality show (they coin the term surreality, for its surreal moments) that Netflix has released and that raises blisters. Because there are those who envy that life but also those who are horrified by such a display of infinity exhibitionism and leisure. It was to be expected that he would be angry. This is what the reality show Mujeres ricas, which La Sexta broadcast in 2014, was looking for, in which it was shown how five new rich women from Marbella spent their money, or what Los Gipsy Kings are looking for. And what it causes I am Georgina, from Netflix itself. Although, of course, the Catalan pijerío is less given to showing off and perhaps that is one of the attractions. But these guys from Marta Torné’s invention know what they’re doing. Let’s see who they are:

Alex Agullo.

Renowned public relations agency XXL Communication, very popular with the Barcelona jet set. He is the son-in-law of former mayor Xavier Trias. Two years ago he married one of her four children, the chemical engineer Roman. The wedding party was one of the best events he has been able to organize. In addition to one of the active protagonists of the reality show, he is one of the members, along with Roger Gual (Torné’s husband), of Rara Avis, the producer, along with The Mediapro Studios, of the space.

Aldo Comas.

The most bohemian and eccentric. He lives on a farm in the Empordà surrounded by chickens, goats, llamas and an ostrich and, as he considers himself “a Renaissance man”, he sings, acts and paints. An activity, the latter, very present in the reality show, which makes him adopt Dalinian attitudes. Married to Cordovan actress Macarena Gómez (La que se avecina), the couple triumphs on the red carpet. He studied at the Collège Alpin Beau Soleil in Switzerland and from there he took a friend: Andrea Casiraghi, son of Carolina de Monaco. A lover of extreme sports (he used to own the Skydream Factory wind tunnels), he practices skydiving and always carries a parachute with him. Because you never know.

Clara Courel.

She is 52 years old (although she has a girl inside, who enjoys dressing in pink tulle) and is a fashion expert. She was the editor-in-chief of Elle magazine and has written in countless publications, but her fame came to her above all with her collaborations in El programa de Ana Rosa and Sabor a ti. She is the founder of the Courel Communication agency. She is an unconditional fan of Sylvester Stallone, she dreams of one day becoming an actress. Her partner is the art dealer Hugo Portuondo.

Archie Alled-Martinez.

He is one of the talents of Spanish fashion, a vocation that he began to cultivate in London, where he studied and was introduced to the Givenchy firm. He has dressed Harry Styles and launched a gender neutral capsule collection signed by Karl Lagerfeld. This unstoppable rise in his career and his extremely high level of self-demand cause him continuous stress that he pays for with his assistants in the workshop. However, he is more self-indulgent in his ongoing struggle with being overweight.

Amanda Portillo.

She is the least affected of the group and the one who dares with everything they throw at her. She is from Madrid and a renowned illustrator. She collaborates with her drawings in designs by María Escoté and her clothes are worn by international stars like Miley Cyrus. She also plays records at parties. She seems to get along with everyone, although she has friction with her ex-partner Carola Etxart.

Carola Etxart.

Daughter of the designers Omar Etxart and Emi Panno, of the defunct firm Etxart&Panno, she has followed in the footsteps of her parents and has dedicated herself to fashion. She is close friends with Los Javis (Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo), with whom she has founded, in addition to her then-partner Amanda Portillo, the textile design firm As if Clothing. She has just become the mother of a child, Neo, the result of her relationship with Andrei Warren, founder of Misato Studio, who does audiovisual projects for brands like Carolina Herrera.

Meilan Kao.

Granddaughter of Kao Tze Chien, who was chef of the first Chinese restaurant in Barcelona, ​​Gran Dragon, and founder of Shanghai, and daughter of chef Josep Maria Kao. She has studied International Trade and Business and is the head of the Kao Dim Sum restaurant, along with two other family businesses, on Calle de Bisbe Sevilla (Barcelona): Kao Street and Shaghai (they have another in Andorra). Her sister is Nayan, who is married to Masterchef 2017 contestant Nathan and is the creative director of the group KAO. In addition to gastronomy, Meilan has a passion for fashion.

Marc Patty.

Son of former TV-3 journalist Joan Patsy. He studied at the London College of Communication and the London School of Economics and is an investment consultant, especially art. He is married to Zaida, with whom he goes to all the events.

Zaida Marquez.

She is perhaps the most posh in the classic sense of the word, the least extravagant and the one that clashes the most with the rest when giving her opinions. She has studies in interior design, but since she traveled to London she is dedicated to fashion. With a more traditional mentality, she is very excited about everything related to her marriage and shows herself to be the perfect wife and hostess for her guests.

Lucia Saez-Benito.

Everything about her is an enigma, since it is only known that she is married to a much older man, a notary by profession, and that she lives in a luxurious flat with service, but her age is unknown, something that her face, which has suffered poorly done aesthetic operations (as she herself has confessed), does not allow guessing. He moves freely through life, does what he wants (like having a tattoo on his body and putting on an AC/DC shirt to attend a Red Cross “Pepis” gala) and has the virtue of making the gang members adore her.

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