Where to see today ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’, Quentin Tarantino’s vampire nightmare

There are many who stopped watching television with the arrival of streaming platforms, but there are still those who get excited when they hear the title of one of their favorite movies in the commercials. Titles that they have probably seen hundreds of times, but any time is a good time to repeat, even with ads, lying on the couch.

One of the directors who is lucky enough that his unconditional fans want to repeat that of seeing his works from whatever format is Quentin Tarantino, who tonight at 10:00 p.m. arrives on the Paramount theme channel, which a few days ago broadcast the undervalued Jackie Brown (1997), with one of his most acclaimed works: Dusk Till Dawn (1997), with a script by Tarantino, who uses the experience of another of the experts in the horror genre, Robert Rodríguez, for the direction.

Still from 'From Dusk Till Dawn' (1996).

Still from ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ (1996).

Third parties

A film that arrived in 1996, after the great success of Reservoir Dogs (1992) and pulp fiction (1994), for which he won the Oscar for Best Director. Thus, Tarantino joins Rodríguez to tell the story of the brothers Seth (George Clooney) and Richard Gecko (Tarantino), two dangerous criminals, who head to the Mexican border to escape from the police. In their escape they will use the Fuller family caravan, taking Pastor Jacob (Harvey Keitel) and his two children (Juliette Lewis and Ernest Liu) as hostages. The five travelers arrive at the Titty Twistera sinister local where the contact of the Gecko brothers awaits.

A film considered a cult work, in which great talents such as Danny Trejo or Salma Hayek can be seen, who caused a sensation in her role as the exotic dancer Satanico Pandemonium, even improvising her mythical dance with the snake around her neck, since that, according to her, “you cannot choreograph a snake”. A technique that Robert Rodríguez would rescue for Jessica Alba in Sin City (2005).

Still from 'From Dusk Till Dawn' (1996).

Salma Hayek in ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ (1996).

Third parties

The blood that is seen is green to achieve the approval of the censors of the time

The choice of the protagonists was not decided until the last moment. Quentin Tarantino was going to be the director of the film, but he finally decided not to do it in order to focus more on the script and take on the role of Richard Gecko, giving the baton to his friend Robert Rodríguez.

As for George Clooney, he was by no means the first choice for the role of Seth Gecko, various actors were already considered to play the role: Antonio Banderas, Steve Buscemi, Tim Roth, John Travolta or Robert DeNiro, just to name a few. . All of them had to reject the role due to scheduling problems except for Travolta, who decided to opt for pulp fiction (in pre-production at the time), which earned him an Oscar nomination and reinvigorated his flagging career. Who did accept a role in the film was his wife, the late Kelly Preston, who plays a journalist in the film.

George Clooney in 'From Dusk Till Dawn'.

George Clooney in ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’.

Third parties

Finally, the role fell to George Clooney, who barely received 240,000 euros for his work, chosen for his role in the legendary series emergencies (1994). However, many consider it to be the best role of his entire career.

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