What is Cameron Diaz net worth?

Cameron Diaz rose to world fame with the movie The Mask and since that production he has not stopped working, managing to build a net worth of 140 million dollars, according to the site Celebrity Net Worth.

The actress with the impeccable smile began earning $400,000 per film, but once her name became more widely known, she earned up to $12 million, as is the case with “Charlie’s Angels.” For many years she was on the list of the highest paid in Hollywood.

After becoming a couple with Benji Madden (singer of the American rock band Good Charlotte) they both decided to be parents and with the birth of their daughter, Diaz chose to get away from the cameras and fully live the important facet. In this mission, her main objective was to keep the girl out of the eye of the press and in fact until now her face has rarely been seen.

Very soon the beloved interpreter will appear again in a movie called “Back in Action”, which will be part of Netflix and will begin filming at the end of 2022.

Although so far the most important details of this new project are unknown, it is known that the artist will share a cast with Jamie Foxx and will be directed by Seth Gordon.

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