Transfer market Rome, Totti on Dybala and Cristiano Ronaldo

Speaking on Sky Sport 24, the former Giallorossi captain commented on the Roma transfer market: “Dybala? There was a chat, it was possible. Then other things happened and he vanished.” Dry instead on the rumors of Cristiano Ronaldo in the Giallorossi: “I never believed it because I know the current reality”


Among the rumors (more or less true) about Dybala and Cristiano Ronaldo, the transfer market of Rome comes alive and commenting on it by speaking to Sky Sport 24 è Francesco Totti. “What idea did I have of the emerging Rome? We are always used to talking before it all begins … I haven’t had the idea yet, there is still time: the championship will start in mid-August and anything can still happen. I hope Roma can make a great team to achieve important goals. “

On Dybala and Cristiano Ronaldo


All official Serie A signings

Dybala? It was possible, very possible”, The words of the former captain. “But then other things happened and he just vanished. He will go elsewhere, I honestly don’t know where, but I was hoping he could come to Roma. There was a chance, there was a chat but I don’t know what they said. “From one sample to another, it is inevitable to ask him something about it too Cristiano Ronaldo: in recent days in Rome there have been rumors of all kinds, including that of the Olympic stadium booked for the alleged presentation. The checks made promptly by the Sky transfer team have not found confirmation: we do not know anything, otherwise we would have already talked about it. And what is the result of Totti?Honestly, I never believed it because I know the current reality”, Says Totti.

About Frattesi and Volpato

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It seems possible, however, Frattesi: operation with Sassuolo in which it would be inserted Volpato (young man assisted by Totti himself): “The operation is possible, the leaders of Rome and Sassuolo are talking evaluating some situations. Volpato could be part of this: he has characteristics that are enhanced in a 4-3-3. He is a whimsical boy, but shy and reserved, who wants to grow and has always shown his value in him knowing that it is not easy to play in a square like Rome “

Lukaku and Pogba great returns


The great returns in the history of the transfer market

Finally, a look at the shots already scored in Serie A. “What intrigues me the most? I think about the return of Lukaku, this is already a great blow. OR Pogba returned to Juventus, ”says Totti. “We always talk about the strongest teams, we hope that even medium-high level teams can make some important purchases”.

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