Tony Khan explains why he allowed AEW talent to appear in John Cena tribute videos on WWE Raw

WWE celebrated John Cena’s 20th anniversary as a company superstar on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw. Throughout the program, videos were shown reviewing the fighter’s career, his achievements, his most remembered moments, his most iconic rivalries, etc.

But videos were also shown where business personalities shared their thoughts on Cena while congratulating him on his successful career. names like Triple H, Shawn Michaels either booker t They explained how important the fighter has been not only for the company, but also for wrestling in general. But they were not the only ones.

Former employees of the company, such as Big Show (Paul Wight) daniel bryan (Bryan Danielson) and Chris Jericho They also appeared in these videos, surprising fans, since the company is not known for this type of action, especially when it comes to talent that currently plays in the ranks of its main rival in the United States.

In this sense, Tony Khan, president of AEW, offered more information about it in the latest edition of the Battleground podcast. Next, we leave you with his statements about it, transcript courtesy of

I believe that when people ask for a reasonable favor, I am a good samaritan.. There is no reason why you can’t help people. In this case, it’s simply about being a good Samaritan and doing the right thing to help if you think it’s a good cause.

In this case, John Cena’s 20th anniversary show, I think it’s great. It looks like a classy show. WWE contacted me personally and asked if we could send videos of some of the top stars. They asked me for videos of Chris Jericho, Paul Wight, Bryan Danielson and Mark Henry. The Mark Henry one didn’t air, but I’m sure they had a lot of great videos, and I understood why they wanted it. it’s a great startbut they did show Paul Wight, Bryan Danielson and Chris Jericho.

I thought they were great fighters to ask and i had no problem with it. Also I left it up to those fighters if they wanted to do it. I sent them to our head of HR. He told her that they had asked about this and if they wanted to make the videos, It seemed fine to us, but it depended on them. They sent them and it was. Based on what it was, John Cena’s 20th anniversary, even though WWE and AEW are competitive, it’s a great time to be in the wrestling business and be one of these two great national television companies.”

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