Tom Cruise turns 60 full of personal controversies

Tom Cruise He is one of the Hollywood stars who continues to triumph after 40 years of work in the mecca of cinema. Blockbusters, like the last one she had with the sequel to top gun, films applauded by critics and also the occasional hit, the actor can boast of being one of the interpreters who risks the most in each of his films. He doesn’t need doubles and is able to fly a plane or climb the tallest building in the world without breaking a sweat.

Cruise turns 60 and does it on the crest of the wave. At least when it comes to his professional life. He can’t say the same personally. the protagonist of Minority report He has just returned to being single after giving himself a second chance with his partner and partner in the latest installment of Mission ImpossibleHayley Atwell. Since he rose to stardom, her personal life has not been free of speculation that, today, is still strong.

The controversies have also had a noteworthy section in the life of Penelope Cruz’s ex, most related to their membership in the Church of Scientology. Cruise is the image of it and has not hesitated to attend its inaugurations in different parts of the world. In fact, he even traveled to Spain for the opening of one of its offices in the heart of Madrid. Tom Cruise changes the decade and, therefore, we review all the ins and outs of the Hollywood star of the moment.

Tom Cruise turns 60 in his best professional moment |  Contact
Tom Cruise turns 60 in his best professional moment | Contact

From ‘Cocktail’ to ‘Top Gun’, their hits on the big screen

More than 800 million dollars just put Tom Cruise on top. It is the amount that the sequel to Top Gun has raised, a success that once again gives the accolade to the Hollywood star who has nothing ahead of him. 20 years have passed since the premiere of the film and with this second part Cruise has made it clear that he is still in top form.

But until arriving here, the American interpreter can boast of having participated in almost 50 films in which there have been everything: successes, blockbusters and also hits. These he has overcome. And although he has avoided being in television series and even in the theater, Tom Cruise has touched almost all genres: drama, comedy, horror, war movies and even science fiction.

rebels, Risky Business, Cocktail, rain man, Jerry Maguire, some good men, Valkyrie either interview with the vampire are some of the titles that cover his extensive professional resume.

He has worked with some of the best directors such as Stanley Kubrick, Francis Ford Coppola or Steven Spielberg. In the same way, he has rubbed elbows with stars of the stature of Paul Newman, Meryl Streep, Demi Moore, Cameron Díaz, Dustin Hoffman or Jack Nicholson.

Despite the fortune he has reaped at the box office, having shared the spotlight with celluloid stars like him, has not been able to take home prizes as important as the Oscar, for which he has been nominated three times. The papers of him in born on the 4th of july, Jerry Maguire Y Magnolia they have been the ones that have made him opt for the most important statuette of cinema worldwide.

Nevertheless, He has been nominated for the Golden Globes up to seven times, of which three have won the prize. Tom Cruise doesn’t need to fill a display case with accolades. The best is that he gives him the public that sees his films and that has made him one of the highest paid stars in the movie mecca.

A heartbreaker surrounded by controversy

Tom Cruise meets Hollywood clichés: successful actor, millionaire and with an extensive love curriculum that, far from having him as a true conqueror, has only created speculation about his lovemaking skills.

Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz had an affair for three years |  Contact
Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz had an affair for three years | Contact

It has been in the world of cinema where he has found most of his partners. Until he married Mimi Rogers for the first time, other familiar faces passed through his life. Heather Locklear, Rebecca De Mornay and even Cher were some of his partners.

In 1985 he met Mimi Rogers, whom he married in 1987. Three years later they divorced and only a few months after this sentimental break, Cruise worked, fell in love and married Nicole Kidman. With her he adopted her two eldest children, Isabella and Connor. They were together for more than a decade, but their breakup was a setback for the Australian interpreter.

Penelope Cruz crossed paths with Tom Cruise thanks to the movie Vanilla Skythe American version of Open your eyes. They fell in love on the set and were together for three years. Time during which the actor’s trips to Spain were frequent. After ending this courtship, the actor spent a year single.

until it appeared Katie Holmes. the protagonist of Dawson’s Grows she became his third wife. With her, he also became a father again in 2006 when her daughter Suri was born. In 2012 everything ended and not exactly in a good way.

Katie Holmes became his third wife |  Contact
Katie Holmes became his third wife | Contact

His controversial membership in Scientology

Both in his breakup with Nicole Kidman and in his separation from Katie Holmes, Scientology was discussed. Cruise is a faithful follower and his best ambassador and, According to Hollywood gossips, this fervor has had a lot to do with his sentimental life. And not only when it comes to choosing a partner, but also because this church could have been the cause of their divorces.

Belonging to the Church of Scientology has brought him nothing but controversy |  gtres
Belonging to the Church of Scientology has brought him nothing but controversy | gtres

Regardless of his relationships, Scientology and its precepts have also made him the star of controversial moments. One of the most notorious was when in 2005 he had no qualms about criticizing actress Brooke Shields after she confessed to having taken antidepressants to overcome postpartum depression..

Cruise argued that depression can be treated with exercise and vitamins rather than medication, as Scientology says. Shields was not silent and indicated that the words of her professional colleague were “a disservice to mothers everywhere.” After a while, the protagonist of oblivion He personally went to the actress’s home to apologize. A gesture with which she put an end to all the controversy.

Tom Cruise, the evolution of his image and his aesthetic touch-ups

Tom Cruise’s image has only changed. In an outstanding way in recent times. It is evident that the veteran actor has reached 60 with several aesthetic touches behind him. Some more subtle than others.

That yes, what he has not been able to correct it is his meter seventy height which is not enough for him, especially considering that his partners both on and off screen have not exactly been shorter than him. But for everything he has a remedy and, in this case, his thing is the rises in his shoes.

Tom Cruise in his early days |  Contact
Tom Cruise in his early days | Contact

Looking back, nothing remains of that young man who wanted to be an actor at the age of 19. His facial evolution has mainly been more than evident in these four decades of work and permanent exposure to the media.. And that Cruise is not exactly characterized by going to parties.

But the passage of time has always been an enemy for him. star system And not just for women. Cruise looks more youthful at 60 than is typical for a man his age, no matter how much he takes care of himself. The actor has not been able to avoid falling into the benefits of botox, hair implants and even dental touch-ups.

Tom Cruise showing off his best smile thanks to sapphire braces |  Contact
Tom Cruise showing off his best smile thanks to sapphire braces | Contact

He had no problem showing off his smile with orthodontics when braces were more typical of children than adults. In his day he followed the advice of those who recommended him to improve his teeth. So at 40 she got ceramic braces. He wore them like nobody else, and shortly after he underwent whitening and his problem was corrected using veneers.

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