Tom Cruise, staying young at cruising speed

Staying this fresh at sixty years old is an Impossible Mission, and not the ones carried out by Ethan Hunt in the successive films of the saga, played by Tom Cruise. Religion will have something to do with it, even if it is a newly minted religion like Scientology; Of course, Travolta is also involved in the game and it is not that he currently looks like Tony Manero’s great hair in Saturday Night Fever. Religions is what they have, they don’t affect everyone equally without anyone knowing why; in the case of Christianity, some go to heaven and others to hell, and in the case of Scientology, some remain young and others accuse the passage of time.

It may be for this reason that they say that the Lord’s designs are inscrutable, even though the man of Scientology was called Ron Hubbard. But don’t pay much attention to me, one has always been more into letters than science.

I will not be the one to criticize Tom Cruise for being a prominent member of a church that some consider a cult, not even because he makes significant donations from time to time. As a Catalan, I am used to living with people who follow an enlightened person and give him money for some alleged “resistance funds”; here there is no doubt as to whether it is a sect. Lacism and Scientology are similar in that they promise superpowers to their followers, but while in the case of secularism it has been shown that it was a hoax -unless we consider the distribution of positions to family and friends a superpower-, superpower is Tom Cruise’s walking palm tree at almost sixty years old, as if he were the teenager in Risky Business, the film that introduced him to me: my girlfriend at the time convinced me to go to the cinema, by tricking me into hiding the fact that her intention was really to see the film . She is now as much a fan of Puigdemont as she was of Cruise then, so it can be said that her tastes have been declining over time at a speed unimaginable even by the standards of Minority Report, another of the same actor. For my part, I bought the Ray-Bans that the protagonist wore, let’s see if that’s the case.

All religions are alike in that it is good to be begging, as long as you are giving at the same time with the gavel. Tom Cruise knows this well; For this reason, despite the superpowers promised by Scientology, he is a regular client of plastic surgery, lest it be that making donations to the Church is not enough to -as in his case- have more hair this year than last year. past, and who knows if less than next year; amazing circumstances happen in hair things. He could afford to visit the plastic surgeon every day and bail out the Church of Scientology every week if need be, he’s one of the richest actors in Hollywood for a reason and his latest film, the sequel to Top Gun, has raised $550 million in ten days.

That said, so that you, readers -and also you, readers- do not get depressed when you see the images of the sixties Cruise, and much less do you think of donating to Scientology to see if that way they reduce love handles and eliminate wrinkles. Did I mention before that Travolta also prays to the same God?

Cruise, therefore, knows perfectly well what The Color of Money is, which is not green as those who do not have it in sufficient quantity believe, but all the colors of the world at the same time, at their convenience and discretion. That’s why you can afford to be born on July 3 and star in Born on July 4; a rich man does not go for a day or so.

In Spain there is no one with the last name Cruise, which is what Cruise means in English. And even if there were, no Tomas Cruise was ever going to be awarded the honorable title of “Sexiest Man Alive” like Tom Cruise was in 1990 (if anyone’s curious what Cruise looked like in 1990, see a photo of Cruise from last week). Now our Tomás Crucero could knock the women on their backs, that the most he was going to aspire to would be to participate in Survivors, and that after a terrible youth, enduring that the other young men of the town threw him into the river every winter to see if it hit an iceberg like the Titanic.

They say that Scientology is the reason that, despite her beauty, her youthful appearance and her money, she has always failed in her love life. Although perhaps not everyone would describe as a failure having been married to Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes, and having been a couple, among others, of Cher and Penelope Cruz. When it comes to love, Cruise does have a cruising speed.

Tom Cruise poses next to a fighter jet during the London premiere of his latest release, “Top Gun: Maverick,” on May 19.

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