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Tom Cruise, who has now returned to the fore at the highest levels of success with Top Gun: Maverickthe remake of his famous 1986 film, he was one of the most controversial actors a couple of decades ago. Cruise famously joined the Church of the scientologythe religious organization of science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, and implemented a series of rather peculiar practices and rules in his life.

One of the attitudes that Cruise adopted was an anti-drug and anti-psychiatry position. In 2005, in the popular Show American Today, with Matt Lauer, Cruise criticized his friend Brooke Shields (to whom he would later publicly apologize) for using antidepressants, and psychiatry and Big Pharma in general. Although Cruise’s accusations have something “pseudo-scientific” and may sound like conspiracy theories, they have recently resurfaced in the climate of polarization around vaccines. They are considered by some to exhibit the most fanatical streak in her. But, interestingly, what might seem like a fanatical radical view is not so easily dismissed, and at times even lucidly surprising, in light of some of the practices of pharmaceutical companies and relevant information surrounding depression treatments. Now, perhaps it is necessary to take what Cruise said with a grain of salt and do some more research on it – and not just accept her words because he claimed that he has thoroughly researched the subject. Either way, many readers are likely to find his words perceptive.

Cruise explained to Lauer that “psychiatry is a pseudoscience…I’ve studied it.” And she made reference to drug abuse and the history of violent invasive therapies such as electroshocks, which have not been shown to be very effective -and have many side effects-. The problem that Cruise noted is that these pharmacological techniques have strong psychoactive effects “and only mask” the problems, they do not solve the causes.

the actor of Mission: Impossible stated at the time that the idea of ​​a “chemical imbalance” as the central cause of depression is a myth. It’s not that depression doesn’t exist, she clarified, but it’s not a chemical imbalance and can be best treated with exercise and supplements. Certainly, some of the people who have benefited from antidepressants will be able to criticize Cruise, but many others, whose lives have been snuffed out by them, will empathize with what the actor has to say.

At the same time, Cruise denounced the crisis in the United States due to substances that doctors prescribe, such as Adderall or Ritalin. The actor questioned that these medications are prescribed without a blood test or any medical proof that people need them. Cruise was certainly right and was even illustrious in this, because today we see that certain medications, mainly opiates but also anxiolytics and other drugs, cause more deaths than any other drug and, in fact, constitute a mental health problem of an unprecedented dimension in That country.

While brushing off all of psychiatry may be overkill, there’s no question that Cruise underscored a serious problem that is even more serious 17 years later.

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