This is how Jennifer Aniston gets in shape and you can too

Since she played Rachel Green on the sitcom ‘Friends’, Jennifer Aniston has become a worldwide beauty benchmark. Her iconic haircut, her angelic face and her slender figure have positioned her at the top of the most beautiful women in the entertainment industry. In factBrad Pitt’s ex is in such good physical shape that she has shared with all her followers her secrets and fitness tricks to maintain a body of 10, at 53 years old.

Through a conversation with ‘PopSugar’, The star of ‘The Morning Show’ stated that there are two types of exercises that have become her favorites in recent months. “I’m really focusing on pilatesrevealed the actress, adding that I love doing a three-minute abdominal plank. Although Pilates is a dynamic exercise system that unites relaxation with muscular strength and mental control; abdominal plates are the opposite, since it is a strength exercise that focuses on a specific area and that requires great physical resistance to maintain the position for three minutes. In addition, the actress stated that she tries to do all her training with the help of weights, to increase physical effort.: “I’m always five to eight pounds in my house or if I’m out, in hotel rooms. And if I’m watching TV or relaxing, reading emails, [yo] I only use my weights“.” Said the actress.

Jennifer Aniston

In addition to focusing on your measurements, muscle definition and toning of your bodyJennifer Aniston also spends a considerable amount of time on her mental health, engaging in meditation sessions every morning to stay focused.. “I really, really give morning meditation a lot of credit.”Don’t wake up without thinking. Wake up, take a moment. Don’t look at your phone. I’m having mindful mornings”, recommended the actress in the interview, affirming that this is the ideal moment for “observe my thoughts, to really know what I am doing and understand my approach to the day”.

Likewise, he also confessed that taking care of his mental and emotional stability became a priority during the most difficult months of the Covid-19 pandemic.. “We were dodging ‘Omicron’ like Donkey Kong.”, he joked, while recalling that in 2021 there were several Covid spikes that altered his work and the recording periods of his latest projects, including the movie ‘Murder Mystery 2’ with Adam Sandler. “I think I really didn’t understand the amount of stress we endured during those three months.”Aniston said.

Now, after recovering from a back injury where “I wasn’t training like I normally do.”has resumed his training, although now “is slowly coming back” to be the one from before. She also indicated that she is focusing on getting more sleep and maintaining a healthy diet that includes the new “Jennifer Aniston Protein and Collagen Bars”, protein bars that she has created for her new supplement brand ‘Vital Proteins’.

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