They ask Health for campaigns on the quality of generic medicine

They ask State Health for campaigns on the quality of generic medicine. Photo: Glucomania

In Puebla, it will be sought that the Health Secretary implement communication campaigns to inform private physicians and citizens about the efficacy and quality of generic drugs, as well as recommendations against monkeypox or monkeypox.

The foregoing, through the approval of a exhortation of the Health Commission of the Congress of Puebla that seeks to promote the prescription and consumption of generic and biosimilar medicines, in support of public health and family economy, since they have a lower price.

The president of the Commission, Azucena Rosas Tapia, pointed out that Many times the drugs have already been standardized, but buying a specific brand is more expensive.

During the session, an exhortation was also approved to disseminate the recommendations issued by the National Epidemiological Surveillance System, and the National Epidemiological Surveillance Committee regarding monkeypox or monkeypox.

The two warrants are addressed to the Secretary of Health of the State of Puebla, Once they have been approved by the Commission, they will go to the Plenary for analysis, discussion and, where appropriate, approval.

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