“‘The Terminal List’ is addictive, I’d watch all eight hours straight”

Los Angeles (USA), Jul 1 (EFE).- Chris Pratt is so satisfied with his new series for Amazon that he believes that “no one is going to be able to watch a single chapter” of “The Terminal List”, a Thriller based on the homonymous novel about a soldier who returns to the US after a failed operation in which everything points to a conspiracy.

“It’s very addictive. It premieres this Friday with all the chapters in a row for a reason. Let people decide, but I would say watch it for eight hours straight,” says the actor in an interview with Efe before the premiere of this packed series. of action and with a technical level typical of the big screen.

Antoine Fuqua, director of the ‘The Equalizer’ saga and of impressive films such as ‘Training Day’ (2001), signs this fiction based on a novel by Jack Carr in which a member of the Navy SEAL of the United States Army, James Reece (Pratt), is ambushed during a covert mission in Syria in which he loses his entire team.

As the only survivor, Reece returns to his home in San Diego (California, USA) and finds that his memories do not fit with the official discourse or the logic of what happened.

Then, an old colleague from the CIA, Ben Edwards (Taylor Kitsch) proposes to find out what happened, but at every step reality becomes darker, shady and multimillion-dollar deals come into play and, as the axis and trigger of a new dimension, a probable mental health disorder.

“It didn’t seem like a television shoot, I lived it like a movie. We recorded for 130 days, that’s typical of a great movie. ‘Jurassic World’ was 100 days and ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ lasted up to 180, “says Pratt .

The actor, who made his name on the amiable “Parks and Recreation” for six long seasons before becoming a regular on the Hollywood adrenaline rush, thinks the small screen has changed a lot since then.

“The Terminal List” is his first regular after the comedy that catapulted him to fame.

“We are absolute experts in consuming entertainment, all of us are refined critics. The public can be hooked on something in a second and you can also lose the audience very quickly, especially if you are predictable,” he says.

Therefore, the key to the eight episodes of his series is to keep the viewer “guessing and daring them to leave the series” with baits and abrupt endings that “press play once again”.

“I think people are tired of the same conspiracy ‘thriller’ formula where there is a first act, a second, the closing and the credits. Here we have been able to extend eight hours,” he adds.

It was Pratt himself who became interested in the rights to the novel on which the series is based, published in 2018 and listed as a bestseller by The New York Times for its “blows” and the “power” of a plot. loaded with twists and multiple realities.

“I was lucky enough to get ahead of the crowd of people in Hollywood who were also interested in the book. I teamed up with Antoine Fuqua to direct the pilot and put the series together,” he recalls.

A pride that the director also shared with Efe during the Monte Carlo Television Festival (Monaco), describing “The Terminal List” as a “different and original” series and a story in which “although you have no idea what going to happen, the action speaks for itself”.

“I think that cinema is always a different medium, it always has been, it has a different technique than television, but it is true that the borders between television and cinema are blurring, I have verified this especially since covid,” he said during the presentation of this summer bet of Amazon Prime.

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