the new background on Cristiano Ronaldo

Francesco Totti still talks about the transfer market and leaves the Roma fans surprised: the new background on the possible arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo.

There is a lot of ambition around the Rome after the victory of the Conference League and confirmation of José Mourinho on the bench. Fans dream big and it can’t be otherwise by listening to the latest market rumors.

Francesco Totti, the confession on Cristiano Ronaldo (LaPresse)

In recent weeks, the Giallorossi have closed a couple of operations (Celik And Matic) but above all they have been combined with high-sounding names. For instance Dybalafree parameter of luxury after the farewell to Juventusand still uncertain about their future.

The Argentine striker has not yet dissolved his reserves but there is a lot of competition to beat, mainly represented byInter. Joya has been officially a free player a few days ago and intervened again on his possible arrival Francis Totti which also revealed a very hot background on Christian Ronaldo.

Totti surprises Roma: “My thoughts on Cristiano Ronaldo …”

Cristiano Ronaldo Rome
Cristiano Ronaldo, possible goal of Rome (LaPresse)

For many it is only a suggestion, while others believe in the sensational purchase of Christian Ronaldo. A market hypothesis that drove the fans of the Romeliterally unleashed by this incredible possibility.

For sure CR7 is considering leaving the Manchester Unitedafter the bad season ended with the failure to qualify in Champions League, but it will not be easy to bring him back to Italy. On paper there are many difficulties which, however, do not discourage several supporters from hoping for his landing in the capital.

All the more so if even someone like Francis Totti does not rule out his arrival. On the sidelines of the tournament Illumia Padel Cupthe former captain is back to talk about the negotiations of his team making an important confession about the Portuguese champion: “Honestly, I never believed it, I know the current reality. But if it were true, then all the Roma fans would be enthusiastic “.

In short, his thinking is clear but in football everything is possible while on the front Dybala there are still negative signs: “It was a possible dream, very possible, but other situations happened and it vanished. I was hoping he could come to Roma, but he will play elsewhere ”.

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