the move displaces the fans

Napoli and Cristiano Ronaldo flirt again: the news inflames the fans, De Laurentiis’ move is truly incredible.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream. After 28 years from the arrival of Diego Armando Maradona in Naples, De Laurentiis tries the shot at Ferlaino and dreams big again with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo approached Napoli: De Laurentiis makes the fans dream
Cristiano Ronaldo approached Napoli: De Laurentiis makes the fans dream (laPresse)

It was 2019. Carlo Ancelotti he had just spent a year in blue and had closed the season in second place, behind Juventus. From the Quartieri Spagnoli to Vomero, for a few days, there were rumors of an interest from the blue club to the Portuguese, who had just asked Real Madrid to be sold. The relationship between Cristiano Ronaldo and Ancelotti is idyllic and it is no coincidence that it was the player’s agent himself who proposed him to the Campania club. De Laurentiis and Giuntoli were stunned, but clearly showed interest.

Now, history seems to repeat itself. History is cyclical. Sometimes it is said that trains only run once in a lifetime. For the Naples there seems to be a second sensational chance: De Laurentiis would be thinking about again Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Naples dreams (again): the news inflames the fans

Aurelio De Laurentiis, the president of Napoli
Aurelio De Laurentiis, the president of Napoli (LaPresse)

If the agent Mendes had proposed the player to the Neapolitan club, it means that CR7 had given his ok to a possible transfer to the Gulf. The blue club certainly has its charm, both for the ambition of the fans and for the geographical position. Mertens has fallen in love with it and would never want to leave the city againbut is currently released.

According to what he claims The Athleticthe Naples is again interested in Cristiano Ronaldo, who asked for the transfer to Manchester United. The Portuguese is inflaming the summer transfer market, with Serie A ready to welcome him back. For weeks there has been talk of Romebut the Azzurri could do something for him, at least from a sporting point of view: they play the Champions League.

Indeed, the goal of the native of Funchal is not to leave the maximum European competition. And the Neapolitans could guarantee him a place in the football that matters to him.

CR7 at Napoli, is the operation feasible?

In 2019, when De Laurentiis and Giuntoli they asked the attorney of the five-time Golden Ball for information and soon realized that the operation was not possible at all. The Azzurri club could not contain the costs of hiring, transferring and everything related to the reception and stay of the player.

Also, currently Napoli is cutting the wage bill of its players reached up to 60 million euros. The company wants to reach around 40 million euros in salaries and be able to hit another dream season, reducing costs. Here then is that the Cristiano Ronaldo operation could upset the plans of De Laurentiis, who will certainly have to offer a rich contract to the Portuguese.

A problem, not a small one, would concern image rights. The blue patron usually stipulates demanding contracts, in which the athletes are closely linked with their sponsors. Ronaldo, however, is a brand with boots and the agreements could be very different from those reached with the current players in the Spalletti squad.

So, Naples dreams of the big shot at the Maradona. An impossible dream that, if it were to come true, could re-establish the tense relations between supporters and management.

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