The link between Selena and Johnny Depp that very few know

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Selena Quintanillasimply known as Selenabecame one of the icons of Latin music and culture thanks to his talent, charisma and simplicity. The “Queen of TexMex” is still valid in the musical memory of the world even if he lost his life in 1995. There is, for example, the launch of his TikTok channel just at the end of 2021.

His legacy continues to give what to talk about. Among the curiosities of his short life is his participation in “Don Juan DeMarco” (Jeremy Leven, 1994), film in which he shared credits neither more nor less than with Johnny Depp and Marlon Brando. Although her participation was practically a cameo, it speaks to the scope and popularity of his music. The Texan singer was only 22 years old when she recorded her scenes and there were no social networks.

For the film, in which Faye Dunaway also participated, the production contacted David Byrne, who founded the Talking Heads. “I was told that there was a scene in a dance hall, or club, and Selena would be singing there. They asked me: ‘Don’t you have a song, or could you create one, that both of us can participate in?’ She was working on ‘God’s Child’ at the time and I thought it was something close to her,” Byrne recalled on “Rolling Stone.”

The scene

Selena was never able to see her appearance in the film, as it was released weeks after her murder, which occurred on March 31, 1995. She appears briefly singing “El toro relax” dressed in a Chiapas suit on the stage of the room where Johnny Depp appears, who played a depressed man who claimed to be the real Don Juan. He is then seen singing “Don’t Love Me So Much”, circling the table where Marlon Brando’s character is sitting, who played the psychologist who attended the character of Johnny.

And although Byrne and Selena’s song was not included in the film, the collaboration was made known and the song was even included in “Dreaming of You”, Selena’s successful posthumous album. And it appears in the compilation “The Legend” that you can listen to here.

“Selena is relevant today because she managed to maintain her Texan roots and culture and her fans recognize that,” Byrne said.

Here you can see the scene:

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