The hidden side of Tom Cruise: between the secrets of Scientology and the truth about eating placenta

Words yin and yang could be translated as “bright and dark”. The terms work in unison, but as a duality: according to Taoism, they are complementary opposing forces that act in any aspect of life. Tom Cruisethat this weekend turns 60he has no grays: the light of his stardom works in harmony with the shadow of its secrets.

Under the umbrella of massive box office successes like the saga of Mission Impossible, Top Gun: Maverick either Minority report It also has a very particular personality. Cruise is an actor who makes a cult of the Church of Scientology and who has myths, rumors and stories around him: It came to light that he was going to eat his daughter’s placenta.

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Tom Cruise, between bullying and violence from his father

Owner of a charisma that makes him unique, Tom Cruise is one of the great stars of Hollywood, direct witness of one of the star system most profitable in the industry. rain man, born on the 4th of july, Facade, top gun, Mission Impossible, jack reacher And till Tropic Thunderdrama, action and comedy fall into his most notable hits.

Since the mid ’80s forged his megafigure status and nurtured that form of business. The mere figure of him generated box office. Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, arnold schwarzenegger, Sandra Bullock, Sylvester Stallone, Keanu Reeves, Brad Pittamong others, went the same way.

Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis, on a postcard from "top gun".  (Photo: Paramount Pictures)
Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis, in a “Top Gun” postcard. (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

Born on July 3, 1962, in Syracuse, New York, Tom Cruise is the only son of Mary Lee Pfeiffer Y Thomas Cruise Mapother III, his childhood and adolescence was the most complicated stage of his life. School nomad, he went through countless establishments between the United States and Canada, while emotionally alternating between two fronts: his father’s violence and school bullying.

“My father was a coward and a bully. He was the type of person that if something went wrong, he would kick you. It was a great lesson in my life: how I lulled you to sleep, made you feel safe and then bang!”, he explained in 2006, in an interview with the magazine For theone of the few times he spoke about his difficult origins.

In that report, he also gave details of what he suffered in the schools where he was. Because his mother separated from her and therefore moved several times, young Tom always started from scratch at every school I went to. This peculiarity opened the door to the most severe bullying.

“I didn’t have a really close friend. I was always the new guy with the wrong sneakers and the weird accent. I had no one to share things with and trust,” she recalled. The dyslexia diagnosis he was given at the time did not help him. “It was marked,” he added.

Tom Cruise, as Ethan Hunt, in the saga of "Mission Impossible".  (Photo: AP/Chiabella James/Paramount Pictures and Skydance)
Tom Cruise, as Ethan Hunt, in the “Mission: Impossible” saga. (Photo: AP/Chiabella James/Paramount Pictures and Skydance)

That loneliness, perhaps, made a dent in the introspection of that moment of his life. Everything led to something mystical, something that remained over the years. Cruise wanted to be a priest because he was a great believer, although later he abandoned that intention because he was also somewhat unruly: he stole wine from priests of the seminary in which he had entered.

In parallel, his interest was not only in the priesthood. He also had a vocation to communicate and show himself, which he ended up conceiving installed in New York. In 1981 he got a small role in Endless Love and it didn’t stop anymore. Of course, his desire to professing a religion would never leave.

What is Scientology, the church that Tom Cruise professes

According to the definition that the site of the Scientology has in Buenos Aires, the etymology of this religion comes from the two parts of its word: sciowhich in Latin is “knowledge in the broadest sense of the word” and logowhich in Greek is the “study of”.

Therefore, they ensure is “knowing how to know”. “Its value lies simply in be a body of knowledge”, they launch on their website.

Founded by L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology is presented as a possibility to “offer a precise route that leads to a complete and accurate understanding of the true spiritual nature each”. In its foundations they consider that “man is much more than a product of his environment or his genes”.

His aggressive considerations about life, his cryptic way of exposing himself to society and the figures that profess it – almost unattainable for the general public – gave this cult a hint of mystery. Some researchers even went further: they believe that they are a lodge that functions as a sect.

A protest against the Church of Scientology in Belgium, in 2016. (Photo: AFP/Emmanuel Dunand)
A protest against the Church of Scientology in Belgium, in 2016. (Photo: AFP/Emmanuel Dunand)

In the book of Andrew Morton from 2008, Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biographythe author describes part of the way in which the chain BBC In those years he investigated the leadership of Scientology. For that, he spoke with the British journalist John Sweeneywho traveled to the United States to deal with the issue.

“They yelled at me, they spied on me, I had an invasion of my hotel during midnight, I was treated as a fanatic by Scientology followers and was chased by dark and strange characters through the streets of Los Angeles. When I got back to Britain there were calls to my neighbours, to my mother-in-law and someone messed with my wedding, but they ran away when they found out,” Sweeney described about the extravagant moments he suffered.

Cruise fully entered this religion in 1986 through the hand of his first wife, the actress mimi rogers, from which he later parted ways. According to TheDailyBeastclimbed important positions, despite the stage in which he was away from that structure because his then partner, Nicole Kidmanwas not so in agreement with the ideals they showed.

Once Cruise parted ways with Kidman, got almost completely in Scientology. In fact, his career was shaken by the dissemination of some videos in which he is seen lecturing on this cult.

How Tom Cruise lives faith in Scientology

In 2008, several clips were leaked about how the actor lives his faith. One of the strangest is the one published by the disappeared site gawkerin which Tom Cruise is shown speaking with the sole objective of highlighting the way in which religion acts in their life.

“When you are a cineciologist and you go through an accident, you know you have to do something about it, because you are the only one who can really help. We are the way to happiness. We can bring peace and unite cultures”, he commented.

In parallel, Morton’s book exposed that Cruise was the second most important person within Scientology, while some former parishioners denounced mistreatment within the ranks.

Tom Cruise and Prince William walk in to see the premiere of "Top Gun: Maverick" in London.  (Photo: Reuters/Dan Kitwood)
Tom Cruise and Prince William walk in to see the premiere of “Top Gun: Maverick” in London. (Photo: Reuters/Dan Kitwood)By: REUTERS

At the same time, another leaked clip, one of the few that circulates of this type, shows Cruise as a leader of that space encouraging his followers. “This is the time we are all going to remember. Were they there? What did they do with it? I think you know that I am here for you and I care very, very, very much. What do they say? Shall we clean this place?he asks, in front of the impressive exclamation and applause of hundreds of people who are in the place.

In a report closer to the time that Cruise gave the signal ITV, talked about how he has been dealing with being a Scientologist for more than three decades. “It’s something that helped me incredibly in my life. Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am.. So it’s a beautiful religion and I’m incredibly proud of it,” he commented.

The truth about Tom Cruise and his daughter’s placenta

Scientology is not the only aspect extravagant in the life of Tom Cruise. His link to this debated belief, at the same time, came across a phrase that surprised everyone: “I’m going to eat my daughter’s placenta”.

The pregnancy of Katie Holmes -his third wife- of Suri came at a time not so easy for the star of top gun. During that time, his religious fanaticism he had begun to grind his success at the box office But a distorted comment led to the spread of a myth about her life, something that strengthened a negative halo around her.

In an interview with the magazine GQCruise was talking to Lucy Kaylin about the fantasies that the public had about the supposed rituals that they did, during births, in Scientology. Between them, as a joke, He talked about eating placenta.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise at the 2012 Oscars party. (Photo: AFP/Adrián Sánchez-González)
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise at the 2012 Oscars party. (Photo: AFP/Adrián Sánchez-González)

The dissemination of this content massified from a note which was published on the portal of the DailyMirror that he gave Cruise the sentence with real intentions, and not with his original sarcasm. “I’m going to eat the placenta. I thought it would be good. very nutritious. I’m going to eat the cord and the placenta right there, “said the actor. Although everything sounded distorted, His words were not happy.

From that moment on, his career entered a limbo from which he was able to get out. only for his own reinvention. the saga Mission Impossible It was his spearhead. Before each sequel, Cruise bet on increasingly played scenes, completely putting his body. He even tied himself to a plane when it took off and jump with a motorcycle through the air.

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The box office explosion that meant Top Gun: Maverickmore than $1 billion of collection -unexpected for the producers- once again place Tom Cruise at the top of the spotlights that are turned on at the top of Hollywood hill. He expects them to balance the shadows of their secrets.

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