The day Steven Spielberg settled in Trebujena to shoot Empire of the Sun

A few days ago the filming of the documentary film began in Trebujena Steve wants to meet you which also becomes the first NoFiction production

The film is directed by Jerez-born Dani Llamas and Cádiz-born director Silvia Moreno (street) and proposes a journey through the settings and characters that participated in the filming in Trebujena of The Sun’s empire, Steven Spielberg’s film filmed in 1987 and with which Trebujena became the setting for this big Hollywood industry blockbuster. This is the starting point of directors Silvia Moreno and Dani Llamas to embark on the film Steven wants to meet you whose filming began last Friday.

For several weeks, the team will go interviewing the protagonists of that time, such as the mayor Juan Oliveros or Jorge Martínez, teachers such as Manuel Lombardo, John Baker, who participated in the filming team and stayed to live in Trebujena forever. The story will be spun by the figure of Alfonso of the Towera Spielberg fan who was present at the filming and who, until then, has been hoarding a documentary archive about the director and has devoted his life to getting to know him.

It is precisely with an anecdote starring de la Torre in the eighties that the film will begin, which intersects the magic of cinema, the idiosyncrasy of a world superpower and that of a small municipality in Andalusia that became the largest and last of the sets of the history of cinema. The testimonies will alternate with images from Alfonso de La Torre’s personal archive, which is made up of more than 14,000 pieces on Steven Spielberg and his films.

Steven wants to meet you will reveal this little-known anecdote in the history of cinema, but it also shows what the authors have called the “first of the cultural battlefields in what we have come to know as the phenomenon of globalization.” With an “emotional” tone, Silvia Moreno and Dani Llamas are going to “try to place us at a moment in history where an epic crossroads takes place between the humility of a working people and the all-powerful Hollywood film industry that landed in a communist area with a high rate of unemployment and hardly industrialized to shoot a project that had a budget of 38 million dollars”. However, that frontal clash also had a happy ending: that of John Baker, Spielberg’s special effects manager who ended up falling in love with a young woman from Trebujenera, Isabel Durán, and stayed in the municipality.

The film is produced by NoFicción in collaboration with Wemake Movies, which has been producing fiction, non-fiction, music videos and advertising content since 2006. It is co-directed and co-scripted by the tandem Silvia Moreno and Dani Llamas.

NoFicción is an Andalusian platform that arises to share documentary content Spanish-speaking or created, produced or distributed by Spanish and Hispanic American companies and filmmakers. Is about the first initiative of this type existing in Spain and Latin America in operation since last October.

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