Taron Egerton would have already had a meeting with Marvel Studios to be Wolverine?

There has been a lot of speculation since Hugh Jackman officially said goodbye to the world of superhero and mutant movies with Logan – 93%, a film that broke the classic mold of the X-Men tapes – 81% giving the character a worthy ending that would even lead her to compete in the Academy Awards for the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, the first time that a film of this type managed to steal the spotlight in that category.

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Said speculation is whether he could return now that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has experimented with these kinds of surprise cameos like Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – 88%. The truth is that it is difficult for this to happen, although Marvel Studios does not like these rumors at all since it keeps the attention of the fans who begin to make their own theories.

But the way in which the character of Wolverine has also been kept on everyone’s lips, is when suggestions of the actor who could take the role begin to be made, and we must consider that this is very difficult considering the importance of the role. interpretation of the also star of The Greatest Showman – 54% who, in addition, has been the only actor who has played the live action version of the mutant.

One of the favorite actors among fans to step into Logan’s shoes is Taron Egerton (Kingsman: The Secret Service – 74%, Rocketman- 83%). In fact, on several occasions he has been questioned about it and he is always flattered for being the proposal of the public. Now the fans can begin to get excited, and that is that, during an interview with New York Timesthe actor mentioned that he would have already had a meeting with Marvel and Kevin Feige was present.

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We must take into account that at no time did he confirm that he was going to join the MCU as Wolverine, perhaps the interest is for some other project and/or hero, but if we also think that lately the studio is taking the opinion of its followers very much into account ( like the arrival of John Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic), they could soon give us a surprise. It is worth mentioning that Egerton gained muscle mass for his next series black bird for Apple TV +, which has aroused the illusion of fans of X Men.

When Comic Book asked the actor about his thoughts specifically on Wolverine, the actor did not hesitate to say that he would like to play him. In previous interviews with various media, Taron has denied any possible relationship with the character, something that has already become customary with the stars who come to the franchise after outright denying it on more than one occasion – there is Andrew Garfield –.

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In past interviews with media such as New York Times either British GQthe singer also said that he loves the Marvel Universe and it would be a dream to work with Marvel Studios, without neglecting that the fact that the fans are the ones who propose it is nothing more than a compliment considering how loved it is the paper of Hugh Jackman.

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